AMD moving headquarters to Santa Clara

Meaning, in years past, Koi def was considered top notch…but not as much now (again DC, never gone to Milpitas)

Koi Palace in Daly City seems to have improved quite a bit. I went there recently to give it another chance (haven’t gone back for several years due to poor service) and I wasn’t disappointed. Saigon is average IMO.

Bro, you need to go to Dragon Beaux in your Fab 7x7.

OK. Saigon is average. I haven’t been there since I fell in love with East Lake. 5 or 6 years? :smile:

So Koi Palace is the gold standard? I will give it a shot. How long is the wait?

The key is to go there right when the restaurant opens. If you show up 5 minutes late you will have to wait at least an hour.

Daly City - Very long queue before opening.
Milipitas - Queue formed one hour after opening.

I think the Milpitas location accepts reservation on OpenTable, but I prefer the Daly City location because the food at Milpitas was lukewarm last time I went.

Come on, Dragon Beaux IS essentially Koi Palace…

Looks too high end for my humble Chinatown arse…

The food is different because some dim sum dishes are Asian fusion.

@sfdragonboy dude you are practically next door from Sunset. You can’t claim to be a Chinese foodie if all you eat are greasy chicken wings??

Koi Palace also has a branch in Dublin. Another reason I am bullish on that area.

Well, well… i didn’t know you pick bullish area based on Chinese restaurant. I thought you were doing scientific analysis. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just for curiosity. Why are you (mean Chinese Americans) guys so much obsessed with Chinese restaurants? Does it affect the quality of your life that much? I hardly eat out, so just curious.

Ok, now to be fair, we are talking a fairly divergent interpretation of chinese food here. East Lake, to me, looks like something I grew up with and would enjoy. I can admit that. My lil hole in the wall place in Chinatown is cut from the same cloth. But Asian Fusion food? How can we compare that with East Lake? And don’t say San Tung is fusion too.

A point worth mentioning is price point. San Tung and East Lake (sounds like) are fairly cheap to reasonable. Dragon Beaux is expensive, correct? Come on, higher price point, I expect it to be way better even before I step into the door! San Tung, I get out of there fully satisfied for 50 bucks. That is not happening at Dragon Beaux. I need to call up Tracie to see what the latest interest rates are for a second mortgage in order to dine reasonably well at D.B…

Most Chinese people I know are obsessed with food. Have you seen the movie eat drink men women? When we greet each other on street we ask “have you eaten?” :smile: maybe there have been too many famines in our past we want to make sure all our family and friends have eaten.

Chinese loves to eat and doesn’t care much about the service and decor of the restaurants.

Caucasians rate service and decor of restaurants higher than their food.

Doubt Chinese choose homes based on restaurants though.

Yes, very good…

Ok, @harriet, how is the hot pot at Dragon Beaux? $32 per person, eh? Sheesh, it is gonna be expensive cuz the wife can eat…

Will watch it over the weekend.
Looks interesting. :slight_smile:

Love this forum. I alwasys get useful recommedations and information not necessarily related to RE. :slight_smile:

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How is AMD headquarter related to Chinese restaurant? Is AMD becoming a franchise of Panda Express?

Btw, Panda Express serves good food.

I never tried the hot pot there. Too expensive. I can get better quality meat and eat at home for less.

You can’t just look at the price without looking at the ingredients. Some dishes have abalone in them.