America’s Housing Crisis Is Spreading To Smaller Cities



Small cities are starting to face the same challenges as larger ones. Renting a two-bedroom apartment in Jacksonville, Florida, requires earning at least $18.63 per hour ― $10.53 more than the state minimum wage. In Tacoma, Washington (pop. 211,000), a property management company is evicting low-income residents so it can flip their building into luxury units. Boise, where downtown condos are going for $400,000, was the seventh most unequal city in America in 2016, a jump from 79th place just five years earlier.

And it’s only going to get worse. As the poor get pushed inward from the coasts and as young workers seek out the few affordable places left, they will arrive in America’s smaller cities ― which may not be ready to take them.


At some point, people should realize lack of construction is the issue. Local governments are to blame. The lack of skilled trades workers is also an issue. Maybe we’ll see programs for them back in high schools.


How about housing crisis and solutions as a lecture in schools? :slight_smile:


Teachers are liberals. They’d only talk about rent control.


Eh, with bay area housing going crazy, their only way to own a home is to marry a swe or something like that. I can see them supporting rent control, but probably for the wrong reasons.


This is what I was saying in the FIRE thread. Small cities are the next growth bubble.


I will go to those schools and call out the liberal enviro nazi teachers. They are the problem. Indoctrinating kids into believing that humans are a virus on the planet…


Not true. Rent control and why it doesn’t work is part of every economics 101 course.

Kind of shocking that rent control advocates are willing to look past all the research into rent control over the last 60 years.


Rent control advocates are communists…Dont believe in property rights…They consider housing units to be utilities to be regulated by government fiat…Anyone who advocates rent control should be forced to share their home with homeless people.


How about prop 13? :slight_smile:


How many students take economics? You have social science professors advocating for it in the name of fairness and equality. They don’t care about studies and numbers. They think they have the moral high ground which makes all other points of view invalid.


Sure. But you said teachers are liberals, etc.

Even at the most liberal universities, it is a well accepted fact that rent control doesn’t work outside of a few loonies.


Wait, so just the other other we are talking about an RE bubble. Now here we have a housing crisis. Are these things in conflict with each other or are both of them happening at the same time? :smile:


Really? Then why is the idea so popular? Most college student s favor socialism or communism over capitalism. It’s like they never heard of the Soviet Union or Berlin Wall.


Any students who use a lot of math in their subjects, and I include economics as one of those subjects, will see thru the looney logic behind rent control in a second.

You can divide college students into two camps. One that’s good with math and the other that suck at it.


Where did you get this impression from? Is there solid data to back this observation?



When they said they favor socialism, they are probably thinking about the type of socialism in Scandinavia rather than those in USSR and old China.


Come on. Are a lot of campuses very liberal? Yes.

Do we need to characterize them as communist, socialist, etc.? No.

We need more educated folks to join our workforce. Once they start earning money, most of them figure it out pretty quick.


The millenials are taught to hate rich people…Like by the idiot professor at Fresno State who hates Barbara Bush…So they think communists are good because they kill rich people…These millienials idiots who believe this crap are really anarchists more than Scandinavian socialists