American Math Education

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Better goes back to Hong Kong :slight_smile:

Not again… :rofl:

america not only lowering the bar for the students, also lowering the bar for teachers as well.
If you don’t know, no problem, we going to make it easier for you . If you can’t pass the test, we’ll get rid of the exam so everyone will pass. in 10-20 yrs we’ll make sure all the doctors don’t need any exam, everyone wants to be a doctor can be a doctor woohoo

I need to retire before those kids enter the work force. There’s no way I have the patience.

What is source of this picture?
Isn’t it a joke? :hushed:

Is this one of your girls’ homework? Actually if you look at the answers they are not wrong. You saw a board into two pieces with one cut and that takes 10 minutes. You want to saw another board into three pieces (two cuts) so that will take 20 minutes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Thank you @intangible for the detective work. My friend sent me those two images and they are funny and sad at the same time.

The boardb sawing question is a good interview question. I bet anyone 10 bucks at least one out of five will give you crazy answer.

I can cut it in 3 pieces in under 10 mins.
Say Marie cuts across the board of length x, I make 3 diagonal cuts at the corners of total length less than x😂

Both kids are right and that’s what makes it so sad.

Harriet doesn’t get the drift😀

People just automatically assume the kids are wrong because it’s not a canned answer. A coworker of mine was complaining to me about this whole common core stuff at his daughter’s school. Looks like the teacher needs to get additional training too.

That’s a white joke. Not something a colored person like you should be passing around.

This takes the cake. Math is apparently a racist concept designed to oppress minorities.