An Early Look at 2024?

This is what the electoral map will look like 8 years from now. So even if by some freak accident Hillary lost, it’s not the end of the world. Demography is fate. GOP has 10 years to right its wrongs, but instead it’s doubling down on its sins.

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When young people become older and smarter they become more conservative… Like Churchill said… we will see… But in the 70s liberals predicted a Democratic majority forever… Carter solved that problem… In fact even Bill Clinton ran away from a lefty liberal agenda…Bernie drove Hillary left into the ditch…

Gerrymandering and voter suppression. Demographics only matter if every adult member of a society can vote and it is counted fairly.

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Students change their perspective once they are adults with a real job and paying taxes. It’s easy to be liberal when you don’t pay any taxes and adults have to pay the bill for your dreams. I honestly think it’s more likely a third party emerges, because they are fed up with the established parties.


That’s largely a myth. People tend to hold similar political views as they grow older.

How many people here changed their political views from left to right? I myself used to be a libertarian in college and now mostly a liberal in the American sense. Although in Europe I would be classified as center right I suppose.

If you want the simplest example, just look at how people spend their own money vs expense account money. It’s very different when they are personally paying the bill. It’s easy to say you want stuff, but when reality of doubling your taxes hits you realize paying for people too lazy to work isn’t that important.

That’s your theory, which data doesn’t support. In general there is no left-to-right movement as people age. Old people voting R today most likely have been voting R in their 20s. Similarly for people voting D.

In short young people are not as naive as you assume.

Trump won 45-64. Those people were 21-40 when Clinton won, and he won those people.

I hope you agree libertarians have nothing to do with American liberals. if anything, libertarians are closer to GOP (example: look at their candidates history). So, seems like your political views have changed with age. I have certainly progressed from red-flag-wielding egalitarian student to a staunch capitalist worker with knowledge of history of property rights.

What data do you have to suggest people dont change their views with age?

As you sip your fine tea tomorrow with a view of peaceful mountain, please allow your minds to consider the remotest possibility that may be democrats are the ones committing the sins. May be they are the looters.

I’ll like to see a less polarized world. But, I think people all over the world, not just USA, are getting tired of self-righteous socialist liberals and “silent majority” has woken up thanks to social media.

I hope liberals reposition themselves to social justice and equal rights to all - majority and minority, weak and strong, rich and poor - lest 20 years from now, we will be fondly remembering Trump as the most considerate of our generation.

My dad was a liberal even a radical… Until he became a vice chancellor at Berkeley and the lefties threatened to kill him… The radical left almost destroyed America in the sixties… Now the radical left has been unleashed. first is was the 99percenters rioting trashing businesses and blocking freeways… Now it is Antifa attacking Trumpies… I remember the sixties riots… Scary stuff… Now they are attacking Pelosi… Nobody will satisfy the looney left…

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Trump is what happens when you attack American values and traditions… The left forgets that the radicals caused the rise of Reagan … Trump is no Reagan. … But Bernie and lefty wackos helped him into power… The silent majority will not be bullied or shamed by riots, flag burning and the lefties calling all white people racist…

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If course I know libertarians are more or less right ring and have nothing to do with liberals. My move is from right to left.

Look at the charts I shared. People tend to vote in the same way as they did in their 20s.

I have never heard people describe Trump as “considerate”. It’s the last word most people would use to describe trump, even for Republicans.

I choose common sense over charts any day of the week. Do you know who created the chart? Were they neutral? Were they qualified (and dont base that on some PhD degree)? Did they use proper data? If charts and economist predicted the reality, we would be on mars.

You heard it here first. Unless left corrects itself, considerate, liberal, mild are some of the adjectives going Trump way in 20 years from now.

45-64 today would be the Ford/Carter and Reagan/Bush cohorts. These people have been voting R since their 20s.

Common sense says the sun goes around the earth.

I personally think Bernie wanted Trump to win… Bernie hurt Hillary more than anyone… She was supposed to be anointed to the job
just like BA democrats are…
I think the radical left wants a Trump disaster to help destroy the Republican Party… This strategy may backfire especially since the Democratic machine doesn’t have a leader after the Clintons left a huge vacuum… and have only old farts in leadership

If you really think so, may I recommend The Logical Leap by David Harriman? But I think you are just bluffing as you can also observe movement of stars.

Data source from Pew Research Center:

Nothing makes people more conservative than anti American riots… The more the left riots and blocks freeways the more people will vote for Trump…