Another big lie from Musk

Elon Musk says his traffic-busting tunnel from LAX should be 17 miles long ‘in a year or so’

Yeah right

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Why you care so much about this liar that you have to keep posting something about him every now and then?

I just wonder how anyone can believe anything he says…
I think he and Trump went to the same school of BS
Just keep lying and hope that there are so many that people will forget most…


I don’t believe in what he says… I only believe that the stock will rise… :rofl:

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Why is he building a tunnel instead of fixing his Tesla 3 production line? If he is such a genius and a visionary why not just get one thing done? He obviously has ADD and can’t focus. Plus his ego gets ahead of him so he promises shit that could never be completed… just like Trump

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A genius should be able to complete more than just one thing… :rofl:

I will settle for one … Maybe he should sell the car company to someone who knows how to build cars… Then he can go into outer space like Timothy Leary… one way shot to Mars

You really don’t want him around do you :rofl: Don’t be upset or jealous of other people’s success… they earned their spot there and rightfully so.

A position acheived from lies and hype is not earned. It is stolen

Stolen from whom? Who else is trying to build a tube underneath LA??? :laughing:

I am a civil engineer… I know more about tunnels than Musk.
He thinks he can build a 17 mike tunnel in 1 year…
there arre no tunnels longer than that in the wholeworld… I have been in the Mont Blanc tunnel 7 m $50 toll

Longest auto tunnel in the world
Lærdal Tunnel. The Lærdal Tunnel (Norwegian: Lærdalstunnelen) is a 24.51-kilometre-long (15.23 mi) long road tunnel connecting Lærdal and Aurland in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway and located approximately 175–200 kilometres (109–124 mi) north-east of Bergen

It took several years to build.
The Devils slide tunnel took a decade and is a little over 1mile and cost $350 m

People in LA desperately want to believe that this tunnel is
possible… Their traffic literally makes them insane… it is not possible…
Musk assumes his audience has the brain of a three year old… Same as Trunp

Then why don’t you go out there and try to transform the world for the better? Even if Musk were doing it all wrong at least he is giving it a try. Which is a billion times stronger than the people who do nothing but criticize others for trying.

I have helped build 1500 structures
Providing housing for thousands. Fought nimbyies envronazies and boneheaded bureaucrats… Been there done that have the T shirt… retired

Here is the cost of a 3.5 m tunnel in Boston… $24b
And 20 years of misery


Well done and happy retirement! However, please not let your past glory cloud your judgment…

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Elt1- there’s a difference between Elon and selling dreams or bridges.
Sometimes, the guy wants the impossible. Throws a bunch of enthusiastic resources(engs) on the problem. The end product looks nothing like what he originally envisioned. But along the way, there are lots of advancements that happens. EV wasn’t really a thing before Tesla, he did it years ahead of others. Paypal wouldn’t be a thing if it weren’t for him and for his gang. Space X is fucking reusing parts for launches, bringing the overall cost down eventually. The Boring company - that one i don’t have much idea, but It’s musk. One way or another, it will work. Maybe his 17 mile tunnel in a year is not going to happen in a year, but along the way, you can count on good stuff coming out.

I don’t think many of the other SV founders are as capable (For lack of a better word) as he is to transform the united states (i am not going as far as transforming the world, but it starts somewhere, right?)

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Musk didn’t invent the EV. The first cars in the 1800’s were electric. In 1900, 1/3 of all cars on the road were electric.

1966 the US passes the first bill recommending electric vehicles to reduce pollution. Electric vehicles have a run in the 1970’s during the oil embargo.

1997-2000 almost every auto company releases hybrids and EVs. A few years later everyone stops, since consumers don’t care. Gas was cheap again.

Tesla magically convinced the rich to pay a ton of money for less functional cars, because they were helping to save the planet. We’ll ignore the toxic waste hazard that the batteries are. Actually, I want to know where all that toxic waste is going once the hybrid and EV cars hit the end of their useful life. Everyone will be a NIMBY then. I say put it near all the peole that decided we needed electric cars because CO2 is ruining the planet. I’ll take CO2, and they can have the toxic battery waste. I can plant trees to fix the CO2 problem.


How about solar energy? Solarcity, that is?

A technology that noone uses is no good, right? You can find tons of failed attempts for every successful one - think iphone. Compaq existed before it, windows ce existed. Iphone made smart phone ubiquitous. Let’s also call out the damage it does to environment, by saying it has batteries.

I think the larger picture is, creating demand is as important as the technology itself. And some of these products need money to advance.

Elon doesn’t go with the academic sense (let’s get the technology then sell). That’s slow.

In a 17.5M US auto market, they sell less than 100,000. The WW auto market is 75M. I don’t think people in the Bay Area realize how few Tesla’s sell in the rest of the world. 45% of sales are in California.

Waste will be generated, just depending on the kind. It’s like people are trying to use hand dryers in the public restrooms to try to reduce paper waste and save trees. :joy: LOL! What about the need to dispose those dryers at the end of their life cycle??? Wouldn’t that produce worser waste than compostable paper? Also, you saved a couple trees but then the metal materials used to make those dryers came out of ores and are finite resources. At least trees can be regrown… :rofl:

As a citizen it is my right to call BS whenever I see it… Whether it is Musk, Trump or Brown… When public figures lie, exaggerate, distort the facts and create a fantasy cult they need to be called on the carpet

Trumps wall , Browns choo choo train, Musks hyperlink, tunnels and spaceships… They are all fantasy crap… easily debunked by anyone with even limited knowledge of construction and engineering