Any takers of NVDA or UBNT or TSLA (not now)


For that matter, windows is not Microsoft idea, but a sub-contractor to Apple, borrowed ( or stolen ) technology from Dec VAX VMS. Since apple did not put the contract, with protecting apple’s right, window NT was born, later changed to windows…

Microsoft, Intel, oracle are born from IBM…

It is the success that matters. He was successful in Paypal and people have the confidence in him for Tesla and then space-x. When he comes out space-X IPO, look out for the responses, he will be shattering all records !

Perfectly right on this. This is the main reason, it is still volatile.


If you call being fired in less than a year success, then sure. The real success occurred after Thiel started running it. He had to step in and bailout the mess left after Musk.


Elon Musk is a successful flim flam artist. …more like Trump than Bill Gates


Cool, TSLA is coming down again with downgrades. Will it reach my magic number 200? I hope so.


AMD is broke out, but I’m not inclined to buy on a day when it’s up ~6% .I’ll keep watching it.


NVDA has this another day to buy more…


Your pants are not on fire yet? It keeps declining.


10-day has crossed below 50-day. It’s still way above 200-day (not sure if it’ll test that). If it gets to $87, watch out. That was the gap up from $67 on earnings in November.


This is what many felt during 2008-2011 ! You know the results now !!

I bought small today morning at 96.5, then put a limit order after freeing up money.


Totally different. Investors are desperate and depressed. Stocks hit ATL (all time low) day after day. Sell into strength is the operative. Get whatever money back that you can get before it goes down again.

Now, most stocks hit ATH, near ATH or pull back from ATH. Euphoria fills the air. Complacency is the order of the day. BTFD is the winning formula. Buy too high, stock still declining, never mind, it will go up again, is correct position to take in a strong bull market :grinning: till it ends. Everybody is very happy and think they are born traders/ investors.

See the difference?


This was there in 2013, same in every year after that either real estate or stocks. Smaller pull backs like this has to happen and that is healthy.

Dow went up single day 300 points, I was scary that day. Now, it is coming down as a correction, I am fine now.
NVDA went up ceaselessly many months and this is first time it is getting corrected. This brings stability as speculators would have gone out now.

I see that this is a good company with consistent results. Good to hold for long duration. I definitely see this is buying opportunity.

In addition, FED is going to increase (Rumors) the interest rate by March 14-15. This is the only point I need to consider whether this is March or May 2017.

Still I see one point that I am unable to beat BRKB !


Doesn’t this mean impending correction? Shouldn’t we wait for it?


How much can it go up from here? 30%? It has gone up 5 folds over a year! Don’t you think is time to take a long rest?


It’s not near any meaningful support level, so it’s in no-man’s land. I’d wait for it to hold a test of $87 or bounce of 200-day. If you think it’ll go up, wait until it’s back above 50-day. That way at least you have a stop where risk is defined. The bull market won’t have forever, and when it ends BTFD investors will get wiped out.


Hard for people to understand disciplined investing concepts, particularly when we have an overall roaring bull market.


From about the $60 handle in August 2016, all to way to about the $120 mark, NVDA short interest was once again rising, but so were NVDA shares.

In other words, short sellers were going against the wind and were not the reason for the stock’s rise. And yes, all of them “lost their shirts.”

Note: writer is short on NVDA


What about our old pal AMD? Is the party over? Turns out their new chip Ryzen is not as magical as hyped.


I hate buying after a major move up or down. I like to let the dust settle.


I see technical for this point. IMO,this is the max down (worst case scenario) it can go…but never know whether it will reach that position !


It recovers now. It may not match DCF value as investors pay premium like they pay higher for any home in bay area.

I monitor when good profitable stocks dips 15%, I catch them kind of deal.

Like this, I choose entire set IRBT, UBNT, NVDA, AMZN, AAPL, NFLX, CRY, CATM so far by at 15% dip.

This way we have better margin of safety !