Any takers of NVDA or UBNT or TSLA (not now)


WB says 30%. You need only 15%?


He is a big whale, I am tiny fish nowhere seen/visible in the ocean, trying to learn swimming !

More than 10% in a year is fine for me. I set 15% so that I land up at least 10%/year.


NVDA AH +10% after stellar earnings.


They broke the downward channel then.


This year, 2017, I missed TSLA alone ! UBNT has not come up even though good company with results, holding on to it.


I miss all the hot stocks but the one that matter overwhelms all those misses.


Knowingly I left TSLA, when it was 190 range as I heavily invested in other hot ones, that includes AAPL, AMZN, GOOGL and FB.


Incredible short squeeze, 18% in one day, sold all 600 NVDA. Now waiting to buy back :relaxed:


It may pull back tomorrow, but that does not mean it is bad !

I had huge sum sitting yesterday at my broker site, would have bought NVDA, but stayed out of buy as I do not want to speculate on investment.

Like the same, I hold NVDA as I still see long term benefit of holding it.


My only long term is AAPL and S&P index fund. All other are speculation.
Can NVDA grow to bigger than INTC?
Frankly, I didn’t do enough due diligence :relaxed:


I see this way, many analysts unnecessarily negative hyped on NVDA and brought the stocks down. They compared AMD and NVDA as one focused on Video chip-set alone. NVDA is diversified and I have given a pictorial representation of all the revenue streams sometime before.

Now, NVDA is recovered from negative hype, but still has long growth along with economical growth. NVDA jumping another 40% ( Likely possible as NVDA was beaten badly last 3 months !) in one year time frame is than AAPL jumping 40% or INTC jumping 40%. It also provides very small dividend which it may increase later. Chances that it may likely be kind of QCOM, if not AAPL range !


I’m aware of NVDA’s business and read many articles about NVDA but that is not good enough due diligence. I didn’t spend sufficient time to think through and deeply about the company’s business model, competitive environment, supply chain, leadership, etc. Market cap of NVDA and QCOM is of the same order.


Thanks for pointing out, but QCOM is dropped 15%-20% recently, will recover soon after reaching mutual agreement with AAPL ! All I see is NVDA growth is still there and a good company to hold long term.


Short squeeze continues.

Loss in profit nearly $4000 in just one day.

Stock vs RE, which one you like?


Both, when you really get a deal ! I want to increase my exposure on stocks as I am still 80:20 RE vs Stocks.

Now, no one believes the Analysts downgrade on NVDA, but that helped me to enter into good position. NVDA regained momentum and it takes time to settle !


When stocks regain momentum, the gain is outrageous and fast :grin:
Those who prefer RE over stocks ain’t know enough.
Stock vs RE 2:1
RE appreciates too slowly, diversify to RE for less volatility only


If you do not mistake me, the fact is you are able to accept AAPL jump from $94 to $150 within 4-5 months while similar jump in NVDA is shocking !

For me, I consider both the same as long as the company revenue growth, and net income growth remains same.

The same way, I still feel QCOM will recover after a settlement with AAPL, but I do not know how long it takes !

Few Exceptions are TSLA, AMZN and NFLX which are different outlook.


Definitely RE is less-liquid and has less volatility. I am comfortable with BA RE than outside. I do not prefer diversification either in stocks or in real estate, but comfortable with whatever I know better.


NVDA quarter was amazing. Profit grew 3x faster than revenue showing amazing operating leverage. GM and NM are awesome. Their NM is higher than Tesla GM. I’m amazed auto revenue grew that fast, because car sales aren’t growing that fast. They clearly have some design wins in recently launched car models. Those wins will keep producing revenue for another 5 years and margins on that should increase every year as yield improves. My only concern is if they can maintain data center growth rates as Google and others start designing their own data center chips.


Luckily closed short NVDA puts $127, would have wiped out all profits. Since closed, went up by 5 folds i.e. 500%, should have bought puts after closing :confounded:. At this rate of declining, short puts $117 don’t look cool.