Apple Bombed. Anyone Buying?

After hour dropped 2%.

Not sure 2% is something worth to jump in. They were up 2% just yesterday. But if it is 10+%, count me in :slight_smile:


How about AMD? Dropped ~25%, what do you think?

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I’m not buying but holding at the current level.

“I’ll never let go, Su Bae”

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How about Twilio?

Down 30% AH.

For apple, 2% is very minor drop esp when they met the foretasted figure. Still, I added some more after hours at 3% discount.

Based on AMD results, NVDA was down. I purchased further !

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manch is a nervous investor. 2% drop = bombed.


NVDA keeps making lower highs and lower lows. You can easily draw the 2 lines on the chart. I wouldn’t buy/short until it breaks the channel.

AMD is one of the top stocks held by millennials according to Robinhood. The top 5 (not in order) are AAPL, AMZN, TSLA, AMD, and FB.

I’ll hold the AAPL I have. I think there will be a super cycle around the next phone.

Twilio worries me long-term. If their technology is something large companies can replicate cheaper, then their customer base will only be smaller companies. That limits their total addressable market. I’d avoid it. Plus, I generally dislike companies that are a single product. Very few of them grow into becoming a real company and not just a product.

regardless of price, i’m holding. got another pay rise of 10.5% :grin:, don’t have to worry about my personal performance or renters’ revolt.

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TWLO is what Steve Jobs would call “just a feature, not a product”.


how many do you have now? I have 600 shares.

I had 400 NVDA. Added another 100 NVDA and 100 AAPL after market today.

AAPL is fine with results, but speculative people were expecting results like Amazon or Google. Tomorrow results FB, then almost done.

Any fluctuation within 5% is not considered an opportunity. AAPL still around 52 week high.


NVDA is volatile like TSLA. It is dropping low based on AMD results. However, I feel individually, as a company performance, NVDA will be doing fine. IMO, this company will not go less than $97.5 as long as it maintains whatever foretasted by them. Then, my loss may be 6.5% max, but if it maintains like AAPL or makes a surprise (which is very likely), it goes up. Since too many analysts have given downgraded,mostly without any backup data, I expect NVDA makes a surprise.

Same way, UBNT is downgraded to make a pause.

BTW: These are my own feelings, not backed up by any data, this can easily go wrong !

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God, do I finally take the plunge and buy some of this since I think they will try to hit the ball out of the park on the good luck 8 phone???

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Yes! Buy buy buy!

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It feels like expectations are so high for the 8.

Watch Apple hits a double or a triple instead and everyone will be disappointed.

Oooh, is that a hint to wait to buy after the masses pummel the stock later for just hitting a double/triple???

Maybe you should look at the performance of other companies rivaling Apple? The phone market sooner or later will saturated with wannabe Apple or better.

Be positive.

But knowing myself, the bubble is coming! :stuck_out_tongue: