Apple plans new $1B campus in Austin

Apple has announced a major expansion that will see it open a new campus in North Austin and open new offices in Seattle, San Diego and Los Angeles as it bids to increase its workforce in the U.S. The firm said it intends also to expand its presence in Pittsburgh, New York and Boulder, Colorado over the next three years.

The Austin campus alone will cost the company $1 billion, but Apple said that the 133-acre space will generate 5,000 new jobs across a broad range of roles with the potential to add 10,000 more. The company claims to have 6,200 employees in Austin — its largest enclave outside of Cupertino — and it said that the addition of these new roles will make it the largest private employer in the city.


The new campus will be located less than one mile from Apple’s existing Austin facilities and will house a range of jobs in engineering, R&D, operations, finance, sales and customer support.

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Why announced it after midnight with only a press release? That’s polar opposite to amazon.

Anyway, merry Christmas to all the Austin landlords on here. :tada: :confetti_ball:


They’re joining the Seattle party.

Austin got my attention now. Where is the thread on Austin RE!

According to the news, ground breaking in 2019, take 3+ years to build. Prices would not respond immediately so plenty of time to consider buying. As I mentioned many times, the relevant zip codes are cedar park 78613, Avery ranch 78717, NW austin 78759 and Milwood-North wood 78727. Get can fairly new houses in cedar park and Avery ranch i.e. less than 10 years, and the rest are fairly old, 70s-80s.


I am Patriotic Bay Arean :sweat_smile:

I down vote AAPL going to Austin :grin: Up vote google going to SJ Downtown :joy:


I guess the NY mayor or governor was right. If not for incentives, companies would choose Texas over NY.

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Looking at the map provided by Apple to news site,


I located it on Apple maps. The zip code opposite the new site is 78729 which I don’t have any rentals. The schools are not good 5-6.

Time to load up before schools improve?


Fairly cheap.

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Better investment than Apple shares. :+1:

Down , Down AAPL for austin !

So for a 300k house, rent is about 1800 a month. Does it sound about right? How about other zips?

Property tax is about 3.5 percent. So that itself will be about 800-900 dollars per month. @hanera, is that correct?

:scream: :scream: :scream:

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What other tech companies are in Austin and whats the major hub currently?

Travis County 1.5-3%. Zip code 78759 1.5%, 78727 2.5%, 78660 3%.
Williamson County 2.5%. Zip code 78717 and 78613.

Apple - Mostly NW Austin 78727
Dell - Mostly Round Rock 78681
Oracle - 78727 and 78702
IBM - Mostly N Austin 78758
Can’t remember the other semiconductor company names
Many biotech and medical companies