Apple plans new $1B campus in Austin


78759, 78727, I guess 78729 too are low yield. $1800/ month for $300k is about right for these zip codes.
78613 & 78717 is medium yield. $1900/ month for $300k house.
78660 is high yield. $2300/ month for $300k house.

Newer houses (less than 10 years old) have higher yield but small lot 6000-7500 sqft.
Older houses (70s-80s) have lower yield but large lot 9000-12000 sqft.

Ideal rental houses are between $250k-$350k.




I’ve heard from Austin residents that Apple’s existing footprint in Austin is in sales and marketing and that’s what is being expanded with this effort. Not real tech jobs.


Apple badges? Apple said, “…a range of jobs in engineering, R&D, operations, finance, sales and customer support.” By R&D and engineering, I think Apple meant semi not software.


Austin has a lot more semiconductors people than SWE’s. I think Lisa Su actually lives in Austin? Both AMD and Intel have big presence in the area.


IBM’s semi biz used to have a lot of people in Austin too. but that was years ago…



Another data point: $2000 / month for $250k house - 10 yrs old


Well what’s the current value of that house?


That’s the current value.


That’s darn strong rent! :+1:



Visit Austin immediately before it is too late :hot_face:

78660 is very good for cash flow (appreciation is not as fast as 78759/ 78727, no good duck roaming in the street), yield is over 9% and cap rate is over 5%. Is also very easy to rent since house is pretty new, less than 10 years old. Black Hawkes and Falcon Pointe are safe, other 78660 neighborhoods can get higher yield/ cap rate but can be a little rough.

For living, new construction in Leander and Cedar Park are dirt cheap… very large built-in square footage (3000 to 4300) and lot size (10k to 15k) for $350k-$600k.


Trump stole all my money. No money no RE. :cry:


Hey, you’e a semi guy. After Santa Clara, Austin is the next big semi city. So is where you belong. Sell your primary in 7x7 and buy a bigger one in Austin at cheaper price. Excess buy rentals :slight_smile: Remember, no income tax. High property tax rate? Do you maths. Property tax for a $300k SFH in Austin is lower than a $1.5M SFH in SFBA.


Wife won’t allow me to move. :cry: I actually don’t mind Austin.


Married her off together with your daughters. Free yourself.


You still plan on moving to Austin for good?


My wife is there. I’m stuck in SC till my son completed his degree.


Why doesn’t she like Austin? The heat?


All her siblings are in SF. Besides, Texas doesn’t have the best reputation for yellow people.