Arrogant and Outrageous act by UAL!


Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker said at a Dublin event that the average age of his cabin crews is 26 and that “you are always being served by grandmothers” on U.S. carriers.


I don’t mind being served by grandmas, if the said grandmas at least have some good manners and smile a little bit. I often feel like I am interrupting their leisure by asking for some minor service. Years ago my parents asked for blankets on a Delta flight because they were cold but the flight attendants refused. WTF?

As you can tell I really, really hate American airlines.


Suuuure, Dr. Dao… and I am sure that settlement is doing some major damage to the seams of your wallet too…

Just tell us how much you got, damn it!!!


Whatever he got, it looks like he wants get 10 times more…Brain damage is easy to fake…



Granted it is Delta, but even Ann Coulter is drinking the Dr. Dao Kool-Aid…


Why is she not flying business or first? Tough times for a commentator?



Because you WILL get better service there in biz or first class…:grinning:

Everyone is fishing…thanks to Dr. Dao!!!


Honestly, I think he already had brain damage. You have to be an idiot to get into a fight with armed guards and tell them they can drag you off and put you in jail but you’re not leaving.


A certainly dangerous and calculated move on Dr. Dao’s part, but as we know, the rest is history. Well played, Dr Dao, well played…:grinning:


(Ann Coulter): Dr. Dao, you said I would get millions, not $30!!!


I am trying to make enough to fly private…I would rather drive than put up with the airlines insulting demeaning attitude


Come on, @Elt1…I am sure you know how many flights are up in the air every single day. How many incidents like Dr Dao’s actually happen? We can count them on our fingers at most. The vast majority of flights are uneventful - that’s what you really want, right???


Sorry I have been flying since 1965…It has become a tedious dehumanizing experience. .I go on vacation to have fun…The airlines have ruined the experience. …I dont have to fly…I don’t need to fly for business…
I would rather drive or stay home…I live in one of the top five year round vacation areas in America…I can drive to many others…I chose not to spend my discretionary dollar on a shitty industry. …


Agree, remember when your family could hang out with you or meet you AT THE GATE!!! It is too bad that the criminals and terrorists ruined it for everyone. We should be progressing as a society, not regressing and needing to have to worry about security all the time. Hopefully, technology advances can help us in this regard, but here we are taking our belts and shoes off and getting felt up by TSA personnel…


I blame Islamic terrorism the most…But the airlines have made it worst, especially charging for luggage. .That forces everyone to cram shit into the overhead bins, slowing boarding…Plus the smaller seats, surly flight attendants, charging for food…A totally different experience than 50 years ago…


Unfortunately, by the time this is in production and copied by the Chinese, you and I will be long gone…