Arrogant and Outrageous act by UAL!



Geez, that flight number is as lucky as one could hope for too…


If you can plan ahead, it’s worth the $150 to have your dog certified as an emotional support animal. Then they have to allow it to fly with you. You can even get and ID card. Also, landlords must allow the dog even if they have a no pets policy. That’s the only way I’d ever put my dog on a plane. Well, that or a private jet :slight_smile:


There is a difference between an emotional support animal and service dog. With an emotional support animal you are at the whim of any landlord or airline about whether or not they want to accept them. They don’t have to make any accommodation for them. A service dog goes through a great deal of training (I think it is measured in years. not months) to help a handicap person and you may not discriminate against a person because they have one.


Anybody can call their dog a service animal. How do they prove that their animal is officially approved for a landlords inspection?


You as a landlord can ask what the person’s disability is and how the dog is trained to help with it, but you can’t ask to see the dog’s papers.


How about renters insurance for the dog, to protect the landlord from liability if the dog bites someone



That had to have been expensive. It’s weird they don’t walk about the great dane that was suppose to go to Japan.




Now that’s the right way to get someone to get off a plane.




Where is my key???


Dr. Dao


Southwest Passenger Dies After Jet Engine Blows Out in Flight


No more window seats for me


I always sit on aisle seats. Center row is also better than window rows.


As a Southwest Airlines jet hurtled 32,000 feet over suburban Philadelphia, a rare engine explosion caused a passenger’s window to burst, partially pulling the woman sitting next to the opening out of the plane.



Reminds me of Goldfinger


There goes Southwest’s companion pass program…