Arrogant and Outrageous act by UAL!


26 years later Home Alone 2 back in action…


“The 2017 pay for the CEO of United Airlines was nearly half that of the year before, as the airline faced a number of public relations disasters, including the violent dragging of a passenger off one of its flights last April.

Oscar Munoz took home $9.56 million last year, nearly half of compensation in 2016, the company said in a filing on Monday. Munoz told employees that he suggested that the company’s compensation committee not give him a bonus.”


Here’s one from Delta. Disabled woman tied to wheelchair and cursed at.



Definitely a good reason to keep your seat belt on.


Wow!!! That kid is going to go far in life. He has drive, ambition, adventure, and no fear.

I predict he’ll be the next Jeff Bezos.







Yes, be very careful when you ask for a blanket next time on United…




Yes, not UAL…


Uh oh, maybe we need to tone it down or United is going to remove more flights from the Bay Area…:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Never flew from SJC. SFO for me and maybe OAK once…


(DISCLAIMER: Alaska Airlines, not UAL, don’t sue me…)


we don’t know the full story here, Normally airline will try to seat together if they buy the ticket together. did the gay couple buy it seperate or together?
and the gate agent asked his companion to give up his seat, so i doubt they pick him from their look/act gay . most likely they saw in the computer this dude is single, so pick him to swap…
no one knows, but just lot of possibility, without all the facts, we cannot determine if it’s really against gay


Ok, perhaps not necessarily a gay thing but why should he have to move at all? He paid for the seat irregardless of gay or straight. Period. It is not like he was being bumped by someone who had a right to do it.


what they should do is they should ask before moving… but lot of times they switch seats during checkin. when couple asks to seat together, the counter just find single ticket holder to swap out. i think this is the case here. but i agree they can do a better job than this.