As an immigrant, I am appalled, and Disappointed


I hope manch doesn’t take this posting down. But I am begging him to let me be heard please.

It is time to take in consideration that we have the most racist president in modern history sitting in the white house. This guy, doesn’t have any ounce of decency in his body. He says things and then retracts himself. He can’t accept he is a delusional wannabe be authoritarian and genocidal maniac.

Without any further ado, I am sincerely appalled at the grade of ignorance, racism, stupidity and vulgarity coming from the commander in chief of this country. When is it going to be enough?

This is not about parties anymore. This is about human decency and respect for those who are down once in their lives and move to the US, the beacon of wealth, both spiritually and economically speaking. The latter is becoming a norm, the early a reminder of the old times when America was a country their people would embrace you, without you feeling humiliated by the color of your skin, personal appearance, the thing on top of your head or as some people said jokingly as looking like a Taliban combatant, or the folkloric dress for what you can be mocked, and the lack of understanding of the American language.

But, more appalled I am at the lack of protest from all those bloggers on this forum whose parents or great-grand parents came from what basically were called at one time in history “shitholes”.

I am of the opinion, and I include myself, though my excuse can be taken or not in consideration, but anybody coming to this country, marrying an American citizen, moving to this country for work or business related reasons is telling us that their country is what the president is referring as a sh…hole. You can’t make it there? Well, then it is a sh…hole. Period!

I have interviewed plenty of high tech Engineers from India, and believe me, I could read between the lines what they thought of their own country. Some of them feeling so elitist for becoming wealthy here, not there, despised others from certain part of the country or because religions and so on. If you think that is not a sh…hole, think again.

Irish people suffered many years ago the hunger, and then the war between religious parties, they had to flee to a better place, they participated in the civil war, and all the wars in the past, but they were treated as being worth less than a dog, to the point rental places had signs saying “dogs allowed, Irish not”.

Then we had the Chinese people leaving in hoards from China. Japanese, Irish, you name it, they left what the president referred as a no good country.

So, Chinese, Russians, Germans, Vietnamese, Thais, Japanese, and many other countries, including many on this continent, in the middle of the last century forward lived in deplorable situations, but calling their countries a sh…hole would be something incredible to hear from the mouth of a decent and understanding president. The one sitting in the white house now is ignoring the achievements of those immigrants in the past. We have a woman in congress whose parents came from Africa. And I bet many reading me have parents or grandparents fleeing religious persecution as the Sikhs in India, the Chinese for being anticommunist, and so on.

I myself have identified a couple of bloggers here that to my knowledge would be the laughing stock of the baby’s supporters, and I get not only mad but disappointed knowing that they are feeding with their nonsense opinions those racists whom at any minute would like them to put a foot on that plane and leave back to their country of origin. You got to be an ignorant to not know what’s going on! If you don’t think the H1B visa situation is not related to what he expressed about some countries but not yours, you are so mistaken, believe me!

My apologies if I insulted anyone, but America is turning into a genocidal field ready to explote, and some of you are not going to be the executors, that’s for sure. It just takes one riot to understand that racial harmony is needed in this country, not divisional mumbling jumbling from an idiot in the white house.

Shame on you!

This person’s opinion reflects what I think of this situation, watch it, worth your time.


Couldn’t agree more.

However, let’s not turn this forum into constant bickering, name calling and mud-slinging. That won’t take us anywhere. Maybe make your points respectfully and read others’ views respectfully as well. As the saying goes, you attract more bees with honey than vinegar. Also, remember than each of us can only hold our convictions and share those with others. We cannot force anyone to change there convictions - persuade maybe, but not force. So don’t be too frustrated if you don’t see everyone agreeing with you. After all, you can’t make all the people happy all the time.

Let there be peace. And let’s start with the tone on this forum. No more name calling and constant bickering about the same topics esp on unrelated threads.


Agreed–I don’t mind it in its own thread, but I’ve started to skip some of the longer posts especially when the topic suddenly changes from housing/stock to immigration/race for no obvious reason. :frowning:


I can’t deny you are right somehow.

When Irish people were treated less than dogs, Americans stood on the sides without saying anything.

When Chinese immigrants were forced to live in clustered areas becoming the famous Chinatowns, most Americans stood on the side.

When Mexicans=Hispanic people like myself were called criminals, I didn’t see anybody here but one or two denouncing such stupidity.

Besides that, we see a daily bickering on the “stupidvisors” and “the whatever city being run by whoever”. Why? Because people sometimes can’t express their opinions out there and need a way to escape their emotions and the anonymity of a forum allows them that chance.

Besides that, you will see. They will click that heart but it’s coming from people who are blindly following a person that poisoned the American culture, and that fact allowed and authorized me to behave the way you may not like. As they say, follow the leader.



If those countries are good, then how many people here would be willing to go live in them? How many people a year willingly immigrate to those countries vs. leave?

Haiti’s GDP per capita is $739. The average GDP per capita for Africa is $1,871. Those are facts. You’d have to go back to the early 1800’s for the US numbers to be that low in today’s dollars. Would anyone rather live in 1820 than today? If we went back to 1820, how do you think people would describe it?


@Marcus: i think you are missing the forest for the woods. No one is denying the countries are a challenge. The real issue is what was said and implied: “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” with the emphasis on Why.

Basically #45 is saying these are second class people and have no right to come to the US. What was broached to him was that the visa caps would be increased for those countries, but they would still have to qualify.

So don’t miss what he said which is truly atrocious. No one is denying those countries are challenged. But what he said was completely beneath the POTUS

Additional edit: What makes this worse is the entire argument from #45 is race based and not merit based. He said Category A is not fit to come into the US but people from Norway can. No merit discussion at all. Pure race.

I can’t see how an immigrant to this country can vote for him with a straight face in the next election


If the economy does not crash by election date 2020, DT will win again.


We have the typical deflecting individual like Marcus forcing us to think away from what was said.

This behavior, and that kind of language has not been, and shouldn’t be accepted from a president of the United States of America. Would you be OK with your kids listening to this president saying “son of a b…”?

We are better than that, unless you want to live in a banana republic.

His racist words, many of them so far, accompanied by his past actions of discrimination against black people should tell you a different story than the one you have in your mind.

I am OK with merit basis for immigrants, no problem with that. But trashing an entire continent or countries is way beyond a decent conversation.

Stop deflecting Marcus, otherwise, as other posters called you, you seemingly look like a racist.


If he does, we will be a banana republic by 2030


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: (since the quoted comment is a joke)


There comes the data guy with a deflection.


I see people inferring race when race wasn’t mentioned. The countries mentioned have MASSIVE gaps in GDP per capita and education level.

How many qualified people from those countries are denied entry due to visa caps?

I’m honestly exhausted by the PC culture of America and how everyone always has to say the right thing, even if the whole world knows it isn’t true. It’s exhausting to see BART is scared to released video of crimes, because they don’t want to perpetuate racial stereotypes. We’re getting near the point where they can be zero honest discussions, because everyone is terrified to not say the approved PC line.

Again, who’s willing to go live in those countries? I see people saying they are offended, but at the same time you’d never want to live there.


Race was clearly implied as we know the ethnic makeup of the countries being discussed. It was about immigration to the US not out of the US. It was about classifying who is the right people and who isn’t. And we clearly know what was implied as the original defense from the White House was that their support base would be fine with the statement.

This is not about being PC. This is about having empathy, conscience and the ability to believe in people. I would like a head of state who is not a mean, petty old man but someone we would want to strive to mimic


@marcus335 , so you think illegals will leave by 2021 since US will be a banana republic? :wink:

Me thinks not!!


With all the due respect Marcus, I am telling you this. You are good at finding graphics and whatnot to support your answers, you portray yourself of having 2 Phds, but on this one…don’t be a child! Dang! You seem to be immature, big time!

What? Now you want me to call Vietnamese people VC because on the racist minds that is OK?
How about the Chinese?

The US is sooner or later -if we don’t watch out how wealth is going only one way- going to become like Haiti. There’s a lot of poverty developing. Entire cities are predominantly conservative, but live like Socialists from the former Russia or Cuba.

Plenty of videos and reports of how rich people live in Haiti. That country is still under the Papa Doc doctrine. Few rich people control everything.

Time for you to denounce the vulgar president. Period!


buying house,

Too lazy to read or watch. Can you summarize in two sentences?



100% agree

I bet most forum members feel the same way.


Some people believe headlines and hype, because it’s quick and easy. Meanwhile, it’s pretty easy to find actual facts. Then you can be informed about things vs having an opinion based on headline which was designed to cause the emotional reaction you had.

Again, how many qualified people from Haiti or African countries have their visa rejected due to existing quotas?

I can’t wait to read about everyone’s vacations to these fine countries. Oh wait, people don’t even want to visit these places let alone live in them. Yet saying anything bad about the countries is offensive. I guess we should just silently ignore them like they don’t exist. That way it’s not offensive. Maybe instead we’ll be able to read all the work forum members are doing to help people in these countries.


The goal will still be to buy a house in Atherton or PA, away from these nice people :slight_smile:

Here’s the perfect example by one Mr. Zuckerberg.

A few days after Christmas, Mark Zuckerberg shared a series of photographs of his family at their $100m, 700-acre property in Kauai. The Facebook CEO and his wife “fell in love with the community and the cloudy green mountains”, he wrote, and decided to “plant roots and join the community ourselves”.
Two days later, Zuckerberg’s lawyers filed lawsuits against hundreds of Hawaiians who may own an interest in small parcels within the boundaries of Zuckerberg’s estate. The “quiet title” suits, first reported by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, are used to clarify the often complicated history of land ownership in Hawaii and can result in owners being forced to sell their land at auction. In some cases, defendants are even required to pay the legal fees of the plaintiff – in this case, the world’s fifth richest man.