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English you mean?

Anyway how many people in China did you talk to to get your conclusion?


Not sure what is your point. He wants to drop Covid zero long ago. Those lockdowns are politicized by … but are in urban cities.

How do you know? You talked to him? Or your “some1” knows Xi personally?

I use my brain :slight_smile:


Good, glad you know that media made things up. Finally. Congrats.

Roach motel. You can go in but you can’t get out.

Mobius’s warning came days before China’s President Xi Jinping was expected to cement his third term at a key government meeting starting this weekend. China late last year abruptly began lifting long-standing COVID lockdown measures and economists worldwide are expecting a recovery process to ignite a resurgence in activity in services and manufacturing. Mobius said the reopening play is resulting in commodity prices starting to move higher.

But the current government is operating “in a completely different direction” than China’s former market-oriented leader Deng Xiaoping, Mobius said.

People who still believe in Xi are kinda naive.

#3 country is Singapore.

Point is now this shows why Hong Kong companies are moving to Singapore.

BABA :rocket:

Disclosure: Didn’t own any :disappointed_relieved:


ByteDance overtook BIDU as the 3rd largest market cap stock in China.

Asia is hot, not just Japan. Prices of RE and stocks are rising fast. Money from all over the world is pouring into Asia.

If you don’t want to own Asia stocks directly, invest in AAPL

All those hopes of China reaccelerating growth after exiting its ridiculous Zero Covid policy prove to be short lived.

China: The Shanghai Shenzhen CSI 300 Index is now in the red year-to-date.

sigh…true. Wondering how to hedge my remaining BABA exposure. Sold some last month for no gain.

This is a pretty good piece summarizing China’s economic problems. I am the biggest China bear I know and even I was surprised by the current pace of deterioration. I thought there’d be some revenge growth after Covid Zero. Turns out the gas tank is completely empty.

IMF’s forecast is too rosy. Any growth north of 2-3% is “fake”, in the sense it takes more than $1 of debt to generate that extra $1 of growth. Sort of like digging up a perfectly good road only to pave it up later. It generates economic activity and therefore adds to GDP, sure, but it’s fake growth that only adds to long term debt problem.

As can be seen in China’s debt number:

Not sure why anyone would think cracking down on the most productive sector is a good idea:

Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s crackdowns on private enterprise have discouraged risk-taking, while deteriorating relations with the West—exemplified by a new campaign against international due diligence and consulting firms—are stifling foreign investment.

Economists say these worsening structural problems are hobbling China’s chances of extending the growth miracle that transformed it into a rival to the U.S. for global power and influence.

Instead of expanding at 6% to 8% a year as was common in the past, China may soon be heading toward growth of only 2% or 3%, some economists say. An aging population and shrinking workforce compound its difficulties.

Household consumption share is low in China. The article didn’t mention it, the reason is because household share of income is much lower in China compared to other “normal” countries:

WSJ :-1: