Asians Making Us Look Bad

Lol…there is a frequent poster here who thinks cheating and stealing are normal practice. And that Asians should do it. And no one here opposed him.

“progress at all cost”

i did. maybe. i was too ignorant.

Or technology dominance…beware, someone is arriving at Superpower stage…

Hmm, that wasn’t me right? I may skirt on the edge when it comes to illegal inlaws and such but that is about it. You may have seen my posts before on this topic, but I am quite embarrassed to be Chinese when criminals or serial killers happen to be of Chinese decent too.

it was wqj :slight_smile:

We all know who that poster is…

Other than Asian countries, how about Eurorpean countries, Israel, Russia, and US?

This case is about a drug formula. When we get nuclear scientists from Germany, we also get a lot of more valuable IP. Is it ok to acquire military IP in any way but commercial IP should be different?

It seems that it is very difficult to prevent this kind of IP theft. If a company can hire a key person, they can develop it quickly.

My intent was focusing on Americans of Asian descent who are misbehaving badly. Badly enough that I get so embarrassed and could understand why other Americans, Asian or not, might start stereotype us soon if it keeps up. You may not, but I own it personally when my peeps do sheet that they shouldn’t be doing…

Seems that you are worried about racisim against Asian Americans.

IP theft is a crime that can be committed by any race. It is possible that majority of the IP theft happens between Silicon Valley companies. Racial discrimination on IP theft is still racism.

It’s possible that law enforcement is more lenient on domestic IP theft and is very strict on international IP theft. We need to check whether law enforcement is not racially targeted.

This drug company in Taiwan might be too lazy. Isn’t drug formula protected by patent? If the patent expires, the IP would be freely available and no license is needed?

do you know if they were “Americans” or just residents/h1bs.

you are american. not asian. their actions for their own, doesn’t affect how i see you

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What’s the difference? H1B can still go to jail

“My intent was focusing on Americans of Asian descent who are misbehaving badly.”

that’s why.

Asian Americans are also American.

Seems that Asian Americans are not confident and not assertive about their rights. They engage in excessive self criticism, are worried too much, and spent most of their energy to fight other Asians. Very different than other racial groups.

I think dragonboy can condemn all the IP theft and not care about the race of the criminals. A focus on their race is racism.


i guess i should have read the news. I was assuming non-citizen immigrants were the issue.

Citizen or not, crime and penalty is the same. From the old age of the defendants, I guess at least
some are citizens.

that’s my assumption. No objection on it being crime.

Come on, you know what I mean. AA (Asian American) or more specifically Chinese Americans. I don’t want to ever see reporting about crimes that are rather heinous and way over the top. Embarrassing…