Asians Making Us Look Bad

Dragonboy, if you are black, what do you react when you see some robbery report?

If you are white, are you going to feel ashamed when you read the news of Pittsburgh synogogue shooting?

Maybe you can request reporters not to reveal race when they report on Asian criminals? That way, racism would be reduced.

I really don’t understand why you feel shameful when another person commit a crime. Instead of feeling shameful, you should tell everyone that a few criminals don’t represent the racial group and remind people not to stereotype your race.

Just because someone from your community/background does something, does not mean you are similar and hence bear responsibility.

I had a S.Korean colleague and he apologized to everyone when the Virginia Tech killings happened, & I was like(in my mind) “Dude - come on… use logic, don’t behave like the crowd”.

However, it’s true though repeated occurrence of these kinds of behavior might create a negative public perception(More like a bad brand image).

This colleague has committed racism against other Korean people by apologizing for his own nationality.

Self-racism is pretty obvious in Asian Americans. I heard that many Asian American politicians would volunteer to harm the interest of their own racial group for whatever reason. While African American politicians and Hispanic American politicians are vocal advocate for their own ethnic group. There is something special in Asian culture that they enjoy criticizing themselves and being generous to others.

He was not analytical and logical is my understanding.

Not as simple. The problem is that he is a typical Korean person. 85% of Koreans would feel the same as him. It’s a cultural defect or difference.

Dragonboy is already the 3rd generation and he still has this cultural hallmark.

Maybe Asian culture is to force everyone to be perfect on moral standard and help to discipline their own tribe.

No way.


What percent of Koreans would feel apologetic for the Virginia Tech massacre?

No one around me.
One of my Korean colleague had a bad experience with the person who tried to associate him with that murderer based on ethnicity. He politely asked the blood type of the rude person. When that person said his blood type, he said that “wow, you have the same blood type with the murderer”.

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Anybody condemning the entire race based on one person’s wrongdoing is abominable.

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How about dragonboy’s “Asians make us look bad”?

Such accusation without details/evidence disturbs me no matter who that poster is. I have no clue who that person is.

He needs higher self esteem. I don’t feel bad at all when someone of my descent commits a crime. Don’t have time for this. Bad things happen everyday around the world. Save your guilt for the better.


I totally understand where @sfdragonboy is coming from. He is mature enough to understand all these arguments. Stereo typing is a human blind spot. You can’t avoid it unless you’re highly intelligent and self aware. You can’t expect everyone in the majority group to have IQ > 140.

Even in this forum, we see people generalizing about habits and preferences of a specific race.

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Although i don’t share the same view with him, i respect his individual view as long as he doesn’t judge others unfairly by sterotype.

There is some elelment of discrimination in it.

Even within a racial group, you can have subgroups. Under Asian, you have Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian etc. Under Korean, you have S Korean and N Korean. If a S Korean commits a mass murder, a N Korean might blame S Korean to damage the reputation for the whole group. Then you would have a discrimination between N and S Koreans.

Generally I think it’s a sign of low self esteem. You would lose your individuality and blame your failure on other members of your own racial group, sometimes of a different socio-economic group. Just like hanera’s experience in Singapore

How come my name is quoted in this thread? I didn’t open nor comment on this thread.

Aren’t you happy people remember you without you opening your mouth?

You were mentioned due to Singapore’s unique demographics. It’s safe to talk about Singapore and not be misinterpreted.

Singapore is a successful multi-racial nation. We refer to ourself as a Singaporean, not Chinese Singaporean or Indian Singaporean or Malay Singaporean or …

Did you tell people SG’s forced integration policy?