Austin Real Estate

I’ll round to 2. I need to step up my game to keep up with you!

I closed on 1 in Jan and 1 in May so I’m at least good for this year :laughing: .
I need do at least 3 or more a year going forward. I’ll do better.

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Are prices still going up? I am not buying currently. We might see a slight downturn. Prices have leveled off in Tahoe and rents have dropped 10%.
But my units are all still 10-20% under market… still got some pricing power

I am looking forward to a recession . Can’t find any help for a bunch of projects. Just found a $15/hr 18 year old kid to do farm work. Wish I had 10 guys like him. I want to build a 1000sf garage. Want upgrade all my rentals, only when they become vacant. Waiting for prices to come down. Only a deep recession will do that.


Is the house you bought in May that good? The best time to buy is Sep-Jan.

“Everyone wanted more space, and a lot of people wanted their own space,” said Igor Popov, the chief economist for Apartment List. “Those renters all gobbled up the inventory at a time when it was really hard to build” and to buy.

In response,
The Single-Family Build-to-Rent Market’s Rise to Fame

There are many BTR SFHs in suburbs of Austin… Pflugerville, Hutto, Round Rock

Cashing out? Just bought in Nov 2021:

Many flippers. Possibly front-run TSLA HQ announcement and then sell to those rich TSLA autopilot employees.

Or, one of those auto pilot people selling. Tesla has the worst AI team and will never be able to get autopilot working before others.


You know some of those guys? Hopefully is true. What about the quality of SWEs of Project Titan? Do you know any? As an AAPL investor, I am hopeful :slight_smile: that they are of top quality.

Titan has similar issues. It’s lead left recently.


By Opendoor?

Below is a listing by Opendoor… Is Opendoor in the same situation as Zillow last year? 20% drop in asking from May 27.

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Not sure. Homes that sold for 1.4-1.5M at the peak just 4-5months ago in MH now selling for 1.1-1.2M. And inventory piling up. I doubt these are Open door listings.
BTW, these homes sold for 700-800K pre pandemic. So halfway down there from peak.


Quick check.
7-10% decline from Apr/May ATH.
YTD 5-10%.

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It looks like Fed rate will hit 4%, if job market stays strong which feeds into inflation. If that happens, mortgage rates would pass 6% which would crash the housing market by at least 20-30% on average. The ones which inflated too much in pandemic will probably fall harder.

iBuyers dumping houses at huge losses is noticed by permabear RC. Prices where there are iBuyers would be depressed, rumors have it that OpenDoor wants to get rid of their holdings by Sep 30.

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This guy has been predicting huge crash on west coast, Austin, Phoenix, Boise, Salt Lake City, Denver, Florida, we’ll every place where prices went up.
He is particularly bearish on Bay Area and is predicting 50% decline.

Is there any reasons that anyone should listen to him? He claims the house was bought by a Wall Street buy while providing zero proof that’s who actually bought it. Wall Street didn’t get so rich by losing tons of money and being outsmarted by YouTubers. Opendoor’s transaction volume is 40k homes a year. He’s doing some INSANE extrapolation here considering there’s >5M existing homes sold a year. Opendoor could dump an entire year’s worth of homes on the market, and it wouldn’t even increase supply by 1%…

Pending today. Aug 7. After 20% price cut from initial asking.

4 days ago…

Hutto is still hot.

Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 11.44.10 AM

Who is this fast talking meth head fast talking internet asshole??. Another permabear hoping to find a bargain. Wallstreet buys very few homes. Definitely these firms are a bad investment… but it doesn’t mean much for the rest of us. The biggest crash of all time??? Bill shit. A north Dallas idiot

He has pretty good set of data and reasons to justify his point. Watch some of his videos.