The Long-term Jobs Killer is Not China. It’s Automation


Don’t kid yourself…Manufacturing jobs are long gone…But foreign competition is going after all white collar jobs, too…
In my business of architectural and engineering drawings, they can easily be done overseas…Plenty of competition from India, Argentina and Brasil…Back office is being done overseas for accounting, records keeping, legal work and a million other jobs…Construction, real estate, retail, tourism, restaurants and other jobs that can only be done locally are safe, at least for now…


These trump voters are screwed. They are just kidding themselves. Elites always win. Trump himself is (allegedly) a billionaire.

Robots will kill jobs and make inequality worse

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47% of Jobs Will Disappear in the next 25 years

Now, an expert at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania is ringing the alarm bells. According to Art Bilger, venture capitalist and board member at the business school, all the developed nations on earth will see job loss rates of up to 47% within the next 25 years, a statistic from a recent Oxford University study. “No government is prepared,” The Economist reports.

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No new industry will be formed to generate new jobs? 50% of today’s jobs doesn’t exist 100 years ago.

It’s funny that Obama’s White House is releasing research reports on automation’s impact on jobs. Did not know that White House has become a leading research institution in the final month of the presidency.

Liberals suddenly found automation as a good excuse for outsoursing the jobs. Automation and outsourcing are 2 different things. Blame automation, then we can freely export jobs?

It’s a disaster to have someone control the media.

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… as manufacturing continues to reduce the number of workers needed, the important ingredients to success in the sector are whether advanced technologies and materials are available, and whether or not intellectual property protections are strong. The United States beats out China on both of these scores.

Conclusion: Automation and advancement of AI and robotics would propel USA as the number one manufacturer… surprise :blush: and will create new kind of jobs but not the kind desired by Trump… the factories are likely be in high tech regions e.g. Tesla car factory in Fremont and Apple Mac Pro factory in Austin.

Trumpsters in Midwest don’t have the education and the skills to work in advanced manufacturing. We need to invest more in the right kind of education.

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If we leave out the engineers and R&D people, what’s the profile of Tesla manufacturing workers in Fremont? Do they hire college graduates for manufacturing jobs?

If Nevada and Arizona is good enough for Tesla and Apple, why are the Midwesterns under qualified in education?

Is Midwestern really under educated for manufacturing jobs? I would expect the high school graduation ratio be a little better there than California?

Did Midwesterns education level plummet since November 8? Were they better educated before the election result was announced?

The Midwest has another problem…weather…Nobody wants to live there. They leave for Florida when they retire.They are moving to manufacturing jobs in the South…Look at all the car manufacturers in the southern states, including Toyota and Mercedes. …


Weather is a factor. Also you need engineers in high tech factories, not just people with high school degrees. Midwest has been losing college educated young people, the West and South gaining.

They are moving to right-to-work states…

Is union and democrats the culprits for the Midwestern problems?

Hope California will not go the same route. California cities are trying hard to limit job growth. Some day we may face the reality that jobs leaving Cafornia to Texas or other business friendly places.

Look up who run the upper Midwest. Who’s the governor of Indiana? :thinking:

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Indiana is very well run. Its high school graduation rate of 86% handily beat California’s 76%.

You should look at who’s run Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, and Cincinnati since the 1960’s. Hint: it’s not republicans.

Since this is a RE forum, where should we invest in to catch the next wave/ opportunities created by automation/ AI/ Robotics? Of course, assuming there is no social unrest and discrimination.

“Indiana is very well run,” said people making 100K+ in deep blue California.

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I still think Silicon Valley and Seattle are the top candidates. Where in the Valley and where in Seattle one needs to pay close attention.