Ballot measures other than Prop 10

Have you guys discussed any of the other propositions on the ballot? We have a Prop 8 about restricting Kidney dialysis clinic profits, and I feel like I should vote no, simply because this should be a legislative thing.

Any other ballot measures you peeps want to share your opinions on to enlighten mine? Anything other than Prop 10 since that has been covered in depth already.

Or if you have another thread going, can you point me to it?

PS: I do see the discussion on Prop 6 here:

So, anything other than Props 6 and 10.

I voted no on every prop but voted yes on 7.

Yes: Prop 5-8
No on the rest.

Yes on 6
Yes on 5 if you feel like it
Everything else is No

Voted yes on prop 2, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Vote yes on 3 5 6 7

Ok. Curious about Prop 8–which for us is a Kidney dialysis profit reduction ballot measure. My inclination is to vote No because this issue should be handled by the legislature, not as a ballot measure. Can you explain why you voted yes?

I’m also curious as to the reasons for voting yes. I voted no on this measure on principle - I understand it is a profit reduction measure, but disagree with singling out one small slice of healthcare — the proposition seems very narrowly focused. I feel a broad cost-containment plan should be more comprehensively focused — and that probably requires the legislature.

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Vote no on special interest crap. They should have to pay a fine for wasting everyone’s time. $1 per taxpayer


On 8, I am biased since Mom is on dialysis so NO was the way to go. But my understanding is that it is similar to our fav whipping boy, rent control. Is it fair to cap or limit the profits of any industry? No!!!

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No On Prop 8. Too much government intervention will hurt patients. If something needs to be done, Prop 8 is a bad solution

Hrm. I have to reexamine my beliefs here. I’m not so keen on rent control, but I feel that health care shouldn’t be gouging people.

That said, I still don’t understand why this shouldn’t be handled by the legislature.

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Agree. Healthcare detail issues such as this is not a good issue for voters to decide. Most people are not informed, voting on Prop 8 is like asking a janitor to perform a surgery

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Prop 8 is communist?

We need to define words like communism and capitalism
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@Elt1, that’s so funny and accurate at the same time. :smile:

Tl dr

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Why I am voting yes.


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