Bay Area’s first Shake Shack will be built in Palo Alto

Another win for PA!

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I still prefer In-N-Out, and it’s cheaper

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Have you had a Habit burger? I think it beats In N Out…

I have…it’s not bad, still like In-N-Out better. I also like Super Duper but that’s a bit on the pricier side for a burger.

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I had one and thought it was overpriced and not very good.

Any minute now @Elt1 will pop out and tell us he cooks better burgers than all these chain restaurants. :smile:


We don’t have in and out. We do have some burger places, but I don’t like them as much. Five guys is better than the local places.

The place I miss most is Wagon Wheel in San Pedro square. They smoke a lot of their food. Their ribs are way better than Henry’s High Life. That was always an easy bet. No one would believe it, and they’d always bet there was no way it could beat Henry’s. I honestly don’t get the hype about Henry’s. There are better places for steak too.

Smoked BBQ is almost non-existent here. A smoker will be one of the first purchases after a home.

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In n out burger great burgers & great value for money. However their fries are not my favorite. I like the five guys fries. Smash burger is unique with great shakes.

I’m honestly not a huge fan of the fries at either place. I get 2 3x2’s at in and out or a burger and a hot dog at five guys.

I liked BUILT Custom Burger at Stonestown but they closed down. Loved their sriracha tater tots :pensive:

Well, according to this survey, its 5 Guys. My Habit did not crack the Top 10…

tomato <3 burger, but tomato doesn’t love tomato in his burger.

That said, Habit > in n out. However, I know a lot of people were really happy when in n out announced they’d be opening shops in denver :slight_smile:


How can anyone knock the Habit burger??? Unreal…

Don’t take his words, ask him to prove it, and while you are at it, bring us along!

329 in n out vs 1000 five guys locations.

My favs from the list are

  1. In n out
  2. Wendy’s
  3. Five Guys
  4. Smashburger

I am sure not enough Habit outlets to be really credible… so, yeah, that is my excuse…


#3 - Shake Shack 135

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Oh, never mind…:grin:

Let me beat Elt1 to that. Best burgers are homemade from grinding your own meat. Makes a huge difference.

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Prove it.