Bay Area’s first Shake Shack will be built in Palo Alto

Kirk’s in Palo Alto and Campbell beats the heck out of In n Out. Expensive though.

I think our discussion primarily is on “fast food” level hamburgers, so nothing over say what $6-$7 for the burger itself? Sure, the fancier spots are better, and they should be if we are talking price point…

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Come on, how could it have fallen off so much??? It is formula food (exactly the same as before) right?

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I was in Pacific Commons yesterday evening. Will try Habit Burger next time.

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Ok, don’t hold me to rib-eye standards ok??? It is a fast food burger after all. My wife, the cook, never says no to a Habit burger.

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Never understand the hype with In-N-Out. Their burgers are mediocre and the fries are not good. I’d rather eat the frozen stuff at McDonald’s and potato wedges at KFC.

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Totally agree about the fries…

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KFC is my favorite fast food joint, but every time I go there I feel like I have to run a hundred miles before I can burn off all that grease. I love their potato wedges.

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Five Guys

Chickfila waffle fries are better.

I had a friend with a meat business…His motto was
You can beat my prices but you can’t beat my meat…

Gourmet burgers sounds stupid to me…Burgers should be cheap and fast…Best fast food burger is the Whopper, no onions and no cheese…Best local place…Burger Lounge

The key to a good burger is fresh 80/20 meat and loosely packed…It needs fat. Should be pan fried and do not smash the juice out. Cook medium rare…Of course mine are the best…

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Chick-fil-a is too far - closest thing we have as far as waffle fries go is Carl’s Jr which is gross.

Lots of chick fil a in South Bay. When are you moving down @harriet?

$10 burgers at BJs with unlimited fries on Wednesdays

Carl’s Jr is the worst fast food…Just reheats leftovers…disgusting…Taco Bell is similar…Everything is precooked offsite… then assembled and reheated on order…horrific

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I like Carl’s Jr’s commercials…

If you are selling crap, it makes sense to put all your money into the commercials

The worst fast food is Arbys, IMHO
but this report says Subway is worse…Which is funny because there are more Subways than any other fast food…
Same with McDonald’s which rates low, along with Taco Hell…lol
run for the border

Of the low rated food KFC is my favourite…Fried food is passe, but I love it

Not happening unless more inventory shows up…

Which town do you want to go?