Bay Area Traffic still getting worse

big surprise


The BA has become officially unlivable due to traffic and high housing costs… Immigrants from congested cities don’t notice… But for someone with 60 years of memories the BA is not the same… It has lost its edge over LA and NYC…Now it is just another big crowded city

Ok, for those folks complaining or impacted, here is your chance to provide some input to Caltrans…

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This is really good development. Approve it and build it nicely. New lane from san Bruno to redwood city. Carpool lane converted to toll lane from redwood city to Palo Alto.

Whose home price will get the most help?

“Caltrans said the two major challenges to building another bridge across the bay are multibillion-dollar costs and environmental concerns.”

Plus, they’ll spend at least 3x whatever the initial budget is.

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The southern crossing has been discussed since the fifties

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Some people seem to have not lived in the BA at all.

The traffic has been badder from long time. Gee! I go to my office training every Thursday night, and when I go down 280 it seems it is 8 AM. There’s no difference when driving Sat or Sun. It seems it’s 7 PM on any given day.

What bothers me is the drivers themselves. Dang! So many people driving cars for the first time in their lives. One sheep following another sheep, 20 cars on the right lane, 2 on the left lane. It seems they don’t know you can pass the car ahead…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Where’s the money???

“There’s no price tag, at least not yet, but early estimates indicate it could be in the ballpark of $100 billion. To put that in perspective, the state’s gas tax is estimated to generate $130 billion over 25 years. And the proposed $3 toll hike is expected to generate between $4 billion and $5 billion over the same time period.”

Is there a infrastructure project that’s completed for less than 3x the original cost? That’d put the price tag around $42,857 per bay area resident. They want to do it over 40 years, so that’s $1,000 per person each year.

Again, another sensational headline to catch readers’ attention. Traffic has grown 80% since 2010? There is no description on how they came up with this 80%?

The way I will read that, traffic is 80% worse. So a 60 minute commute in 2010 will now take 80% (48 minutes) longer for total of 1hr 50 minute commute. Yeah, that’s believable (sarcasm).

Or 80% of the roads are worse today (even 1% worse) than 2010. Which means nothing.

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Does “commute time” and “traffic” mean the same thing in urban dictionary? I thought journalists use proper English to write. Does North Bay use “commute time” and “traffic” interchangably?

"Erin Baldassari covers transportation. A North Bay native, Baldassari covered local news in the greater Boston area for four years before moving back to the Best Coast. She writes about everything roads, rails, and bridges in the East Bay.

$100b is cheap…compared to the HSR to nowhere that will cost about the same

Does “commute time” and “traffic” mean the same thing in urban dictionary?

1a(1): vehicles, pedestrians, ships, or plane moving along a route
1a(2): congestion of vehicles
1a(3): movement (as of vehicles or pedstrians) through and area or along a route

1a(1) would define it as volume or # of vehicles. I cannot imagine there are 80% more cars on the road today than 2010. At least not on Hwy 101 in the peninsula.

1a(2) is congestion. That would be hard to quantify.

1a(3) defines it as movement. That can be interpret as speed or commute time.

There are so many of these online articles that just throw out large # to get readers’ attention and clicks.

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We had another guy trying to jump from a bridge by the junction of McKee or Alum Rock and Hwy. 680 two days ago. It created a traffic nightmare you wouldn’t believe it.

I go to the office some nights and you can see the traffic has been increasing steadily. I am talking around 10PM, you can see lots and lots of cars anywhere.

I remember when I lived in EPA and I had to see some customers of mine and to get to them I had to use Hwy. 85. I hated that road. I can’t imagine it now. Just seeing Hwy. 101 I have a visual but not the total picture.

Have to agree, the Fab 7x7 traffic has worsened. Probably due to Uber/Lyft cars mostly…

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