Bay Area Traffic still getting worse



Number one problem in the BA. Main cause of nimbyism.
Solve it or housing will never become the priority it needs to be.



You can see the driving around is getting worser as my daughter says.

I’ve spotted so many people with their phones on their laps while the traffic light is green and people behind honking. Jesus!


Again, if more people are pulled over and fined (I thought cities need money?) the word would get out that hey, stop texting and endangering the lives of pedestrians out there or get hit with an ugly ticket + possible increase in insurance cost. Recently a guy hit my SUV (he ran the red light) and fortunately it wasn’t too bad at all but for all I know he could have been texting and not paying attention too.



If that 85 was a nightmare in 2004-2006, Jesus! Don’t ask me about today.



Duh. Workers have to live somewhere. If cities build office space but not homes, then people have to commute from further. Longer commutes mean more traffic.



All time highs are good i hear :slight_smile: