Be afraid: China is on the path to global technology dominance


Beijing is taking out their “low end population” right now in the middle of winter. Yeah, they are actually calling them low end people. These are migrants from the countryside who live in make-shift shacks and other illegal buildings. Government just sticks a notice telling them to move in 3 days. And by the way water and power will be cut tomorrow.

It’s very brutal and very efficient. Imagine all the homeless population in Bay Area gone in a week.


Again, agreed, numbers and actions don’t lie. I am just dreaming that imagine if the government said, ok you win, capitalism and freedom wins we hate Mao jackets anyway… WOW


China is very capitalistic. It’s the classic form of capitalism back in Dickens’ time. No such niceties as social safety nets. When people get in car accidents and someone killed, the other side must pay money to settle it. When you check into ER the first thing they ask is if you have money to pay the doctors.

I actually hope it gets more socialistic. Its capitalism is too raw. Don’t get fooled by the name.


Ok fine, capitalism is there and thriving. We want a democratic form of government then. No more censorship, free speech for all!


I agree with this. It is a tradeoff between efficiency and humanity. The balance is tilted too much towards efficiency there.


Um… that will come eventually, but not at present. When the wealth level of the average Chinese person matches that of the West, that’s when that will happen.


But that will take forever. One would think as the old guard dies off that its offspring (having grown up with gold spoon) would be more inclined to want freedoms and such. Or, would they prefer to be greedy and keep for themselves?


Will not take forever. Actually might happen faster than you think. Maybe in a couple decades it will be China’s turn to tell us we are not democratic enough and abuse human rights…


They are already telling us that. The US publishes a human rights report on all countries including China. Like we are the paragon of human rights. So China also publishes a human rights report on America.

We get low marks for police randomly killing black people. China says we should fewer guns and try not to blow each other’s head off. Sounds fair.


Please, are we talking about the ONE country capable of strangling Fat Boy from firing his firecrackers yet hasn’t done squat yet? One step and accolade at a time, ok???


Why should it do that? China’s is only keeping North Korea as a buffer against American aggression. The moment America ceases to be a threat is when China steps in, wipes out the natives, and colonizes the entire country with Chinese migrants the same way it did to Xinjiang and Tibet.


Because in the real world, we don’t deem you The Great One until you earn the title. If China thinks it is so great, then it needs to lead the way, no? Well, you have this issue with North Korea where it can literally shut it down for the welfare of the world. Why is China waiting? See, not as easy as it looks huh China?


Why should China shut down NK for the benefit of US?


Come on now, it is not only us. What about the other neighboring countries within firing range? The fact is, if we were in China’s shoes, we would have shut it down by now. That, is why we are a great nation (not to say we don’t screw up now and then too…).


I don’t think it benefits to be a great nation. It only benefits to be a rich nation.


Must I remind you of a quote from the movies: “With great power comes great responsibility…”


Ask Israel’s neighbors how they feel about Israel and US role in propping it up. Oh yeah Israel has nukes too.

There is no right or wrong in national interests.


Um… great nations only plunder the weak ones. Consistent theme throughout history. We’re not here to sacrifice to help out the desolate.


Guys, you can’t proclaim “your” country to be Top Dog until it behaves like one. That means doing sheet that sometimes is not popular and certainly could mean lives lost. It is NOT always about sheer money or wealth. I want to see China step up and become the Big Brother. Can it? I am still waiting…


Not claiming that China is currently a top dog. It is still very much an underdog. But I’m predicting the table will turn real soon. This by no means benefit me, because I live in America. However, I’m an impartial observer.