Be afraid: China is on the path to global technology dominance


Come on, I am obviously an American (SF native) but whose ancestors came from China. Best of both worlds. Who wouldn’t mind seeing China take the big stage or share the big stage with us? All I am saying is that nothing is every given beforehand. You gotta earn it. It makes total sense for China to really crack down on Fat Boy so that we can avoid a world nuclear crisis. This is not the movies, but serious business. We don’t exactly have the calm and collected leader on our side here too…


NK hasn’t gone to war with anybody since the Korean War and probably never will. Rocket man is actually pretty smart.

When will America step up and restrain Israel?


To be fair, Israel is only in a self-defense mode. No restraints need to be done to it. The number of Arabs in the region overwhelm the number of Jews 99 to 1.


Exactly. There may be a situation very different from what it is in USA now. Many like to presume what they deem “great”, and “ideal” is what everybody think it is. Once “best” is reached, humans would try to do better, so there is no static “best” or “there”.


Well said. He just want to 立威.
Some people just think their yardstick is THE yardstick.


Anyone who says rocket man is crazy hasn’t really thought through things. Just a week ago Rex said US will negotiate with NK without NK dropping nukes first. Who’s winning? I don’t think trump is.

Rocket man is much smarter than Trump. And Xi is the smartest of the three.


Sorry, but what did the 8 prior years do to deal with him? That’s why we are in this situation today.


What would you do differently?


Honestly, I’d push for China or Russia to do the dirty work and take him out. They are much closer to him. I think China’s reluctance is they fear a unified Korea increasing US power, and they fear a refugee crisis. I’d agree to keeping Korea split and agree China can keep it’s border secure.


I don’t think South Korea is that keen to be united with the north. Maybe we can just force them without asking?


I think the problem is that everyone tries to play big brother. Just let the Koreans sort out things on their own. Nobody likes to be told what to do. China is doing a much better job at handling that situation than America.


You don’t think there’s any risk to N Korea having nuclear weapons?

I don’t think Korea needs to be unified. I think that’s what China fears, since it’d increase US influence in the area. They can remain separate countries. Just need a new leader in N Korea.


Why should America care that much whether NK has nukes or not? China is much closer and it could care less. Let the North Koreans nuke whoever they like. They will not nuke America if we are not in their way. Chinese will step in to stop them first before we have to do anything.


That is easy for you to say since you are all the way here… If I am Japan or any other country nearby, I ain’t sleeping well as Rocket Man tests another one of his rockets over your airspace…

Don’t 'cha watch superhero movies? There is a designated good guy who beats the bad guy and wins the girl…


They have missiles that could reach the US. They want to blow up SF. Do you trust our missile defense systems to intercept?


Well, that’s because US politicians are not smart. If they were then the Chinese would be worried about NK blowing up Beijing than we worry about them blowing up SF. We have no one else to blame for that but ourselves!!!


I think you watched too many movies…


Why would China be worried? They are N Korea’s only trade partner. It’d be stupid for N Korea to attack them. Although, China does far less trade with N Korea, since Trump has pressured them to stop.


Well, if China isn’t worried then America should’ve also not worried in the least.


We should just withdraw from South Korea… then it’s China’s problem.