Be afraid: China is on the path to global technology dominance


North Korea nuking SF is less likely than Comcast charging Pornhub.


Well based on reactions to net neutrality, people seem to think that’s a near certain outcome.


Yes and bitcoin will also make it to $1M in a couple years’ time… :rofl:



Ok that’s good enough of a reason for America to outlaw bitcoin because national security is at stake… :rofl:


Told you guys of course rocket man is out to get your bitcoins. One of the few things bitcoins are good for is to fund thugs and terrorists. You better pray your coin vault has sovereign level of security. I think rocket man has some mean hackers on his payroll.



I don’t own Amzn and wechat. I hope baba can beat the hell out of Amzn and Facebook can beat the hell out of Tencent :rofl:


Tencent will be worth more than Facebook in 2 years. It overtook FB briefly last December.


Zuckerburg is younger than Ma. Jewish people have higher IQs than Chinese… :rofl:


According to some biological studies :rofl:
Is it why Jesus is a Jew?


Yes Zuckerburg is your modern day Jesus… :rofl:


Jews are smarter? Don’t think so. Even if they are there are too few of them and they are cornered in one of the worst neighborhoods in the world.


Wrong and wrong. They are smarter and the smart ones have all migrated to America already.


I’m pretty sure almost everyone was Jewish back then. There certainly weren’t any Christians. That religion didn’t start until Jesus died.


China avg IQ: 105
Israel: 95


Jewish people are actually a difference race than the Europeans, even though they are both white. They originated from the Middle East and settled in Europe. They mostly retained their own genetic trait due to segregation because of their religion. Ashkenazi Jews have an average IQ of 120 and mostly of them have settled in America. About 2% of Americans are of Jewish origin. That’s 8 million people – same size as Israel.


I’m talking about Ashkenazi Jews in America with 8 million people. Jewish people in Israel are not all Ashkenazi and not all people in Israel are Jewish.


I own master of all these Chinese companies, MCHI ! Just started Dec 29th, up almost 7% !


How come some are bought earlier? So you are responsible for paying the capital gain tax of those earlier buys if they are sold?