Be afraid: China is on the path to global technology dominance


I did not sell yet, holding it for an year at least or until economy crashes. This MCHI was 45% appreciation and it has core Chinese stocks. ETFs are normally long hold as they are managed by providers.


I don’t think that is a valid study. For any country to average in the 60’s, and there are many of them, they would have to be sub-human. The study is probably based on education rather than intelligence.


It’s important to remember that those numbers are just the average. There are many exceptional people with very high IQs in every country.


I don’t believe in IQ to be honest. You can actually study for it and there are test taking techniques you can learn. So it’s not really a measurement of ones innate intelligence.


Also there’s another thing called EQ. Having a high IQ but a low EQ is not a good indication of overall fitness.



Wow, didn’t realize we’d break into a stats course of median, mean, and standard deviation.


Some people are showing the same graph about East Asians and Causasians. Just substitute “China” with “Asian” and “USA” with “Caucasian” and hence you can see their argument in favoring the white race, even though research shows that East Asians have higher average IQ than white.

I think there might be some truth to that… although I’m skeptical at this point until more data is given.


You just have to organize the world accordingly.
Leaders - Caucasians
Middle Management & Professionals - Asians
Customer Services - Caucasians

AFAIK, IQ is not a measure of intelligence :grinning: If you insist it is, then the definition of intelligence is incorrect. IQ seems to gauge technical competency and totally ignore political wisdom :grinning: The ability to organize and persuade people to your POVs are not measured.


Too much racism.

Isn’t Jewish people belonging to the same race as Arabians?


Wrong :rage:. Arabs belong to Jewish race.


(1) any frank discussion about race is branded as “racism” by some people these days. Who is being discriminated due to their race here???

(2) Arabs and Jews are different ethnicities. No, arabs don’t belong to the Jewish ethnicity.


Their religion teaches them that they both related to sons on Abraham.


The average IQ score of Ashkenazi Jews has been calculated to be from a range of 110–115,[2][3] higher than any other ethnic group in the world.[4]

East Asians seem to range from 104 to 108 according to that site I linked to earlier.


Now… let’s go back to the discussion about FB vs. Tencent… :rofl:


Statistics of a group vs individual.

Tencent > facebook. Explain to me why Mark married a Chinese woman again?


Zuckerburg > Ma. That’s all that matters. :rofl:


I own both so let them both win :slight_smile:


Add red envelopes, aka corruption.

That’s the only way to get rich in that environment, either you belong to the class going to meet the firing squad, or you are the one with a relative in the politburo.


It only took 3 days. Tencent now worth more than Facebook.