Be afraid: China is on the path to global technology dominance




These topics are absent in China’s technology companies, where the pace of work is furious. Here, top managers show up for work at about 8am and frequently don’t leave until 10pm. Most of them will do this six days a week — and there are plenty of examples of people who do this for seven. Engineers have slightly different habits: they will appear about 10am and leave at midnight. Beyond the week-long breaks for Chinese new year and the October national holiday, most will just steal an additional handful of vacation days. Some technology companies also provide a rental subsidy to employees who choose to live close to corporate HQ.

Hard to compete with people working harder than you…


They’re not my competitors… they’re my comrades… :rofl:


Another video from A16Z’s Connie Chan:

Rise of the Super App: Mobile-First Product Ideas from China


Tech companies should stop pretending AI won’t destroy jobs

Catchy title. The content seems to be talking about China winning the AI race against USA. It is not clear why we should be afraid of the AI revolution given that past technology advances always eliminate certain jobs and creates new kind of jobs. Are people worry that this time, no (or not enough) new jobs would be created?


Not pretending! Those jobs indeed need to be destroyed! Bye bye the robots are going to take over your job. Your service is no longer needed. Go home and watch some tv! :rofl:


Actually, other than the bible says we are destined to work because Adam ate the forbidden Apple, I am not sure why all human beings need to work. Can’t idiots like me don’t have to work, just enjoy life and party, while intelligent people like you, work and build a better world for idiots like me :grinning:


I’m also an “idiot”. I don’t want to work. Smart people and robots please take good care of me!!! :rofl:


I’m too Asian. I get bored not working.


Guess I’m disqualified to be an Asian then since I’m perfectly fine with stopping work immediately. Something must be wrong with me :cold_sweat:


Nothing wrong with you. I have never wanted to work. Work only because I need $ not because I love the job and have never learn to “love what you do”. So happy that my wife outshone me so much that I can leave the torturous rat race and stay at home to do simple chores :rofl: Chores that are used to be done by women and is now almost automated!


You know I find people who say they love their jobs full of BS. If you stop getting paid tomorrow will you go to work? You only love something if you are willing to do it for free.


Thrive or die. Many men and some women are defined by their job, career, station in life. Quit working and they have no reason to live. Was hanging with an 82 surgeon today. He is bitter they took away his right to perform surgery at 80.
Look at Di Feinstein. She wants to work till 92.
My dad went to work for 5 years after retirement wage free. I have retired 3 times. It is overrated.
Got to have some reason to get fired up in the am.
Even if it just to rail on here.


If they are willing to work for free, sure, however there are a lot of hypocrites out there who claim they love their jobs but the moment they stop getting paid they throw a tantrum. Actions speak louder than words.


I didn’t like working as an engineer with a 9-5 job. But now I get so excited being a landlord and a flipper. My mind filled with anticipation and every time I convert something into a rental or a flip. I would much rather spend my time dealing with some real estate than say going on a prolonged vacation overseas… maybe that’s why I haven’t been traveling much lately? :thinking:

So I guess I do enjoy working… given the right kind of job. I even get a kick out of dealing with nasty tenants or impossible contractors/agents. I think I have found my life passion… :wink:


I have been working for myself since 1986. More fun than being on vacation…


Does that mean you will work as a property manager for free? Sounds good :+1:


You just don’t get it. Maybe that explains why you are stuck doing something you don’t like? You can only derive satisfaction out of working if there is monetary gain. Working for free is not really working. It is volunteering. Now you can be very happy volunteering too the same way you can be happy watching your favorite tv show. But don’t get that confused with real work.


Yes that’s my point which I think you missed. Someone can only love doing something if they are willing to do it for free because at that point it’s a hobby and not considered “work”.