Be afraid: China is on the path to global technology dominance


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I am working on here for free. Of course free advice is worth only what you paid for it.


If you love doing stuff for free or with little money involved then you’ll be forever poor. You can never be really happy if you are poor.

If you hate doing what you do but that stuff makes lots of money then you’ll be very rich and happy only because of the money, but otherwise unsatisfied.

You can only be very rich and satisfied if you love doing what you are doing and that stuff can make a lot of money for you.


Yes aren’t we all :slight_smile: Free doesn’t mean it’s worthless. I do appreciate your advice, even though I will never buy a house in Tahoe, but that just means more :moneybag: for you.


We’ve very different opinion. I’m only satisfied if I’ve a mistress in every nation :slight_smile: Money be damn. My mistresses can take care of me :sunglasses:


That’s right! :rofl:

You can’t really control the way other people treat you. You are very lucky if you can just find one person in life willing to take care of you. However, you can always control your own actions and be accountable to yourself :wink:


Ok, let’s not chuck the face masks just yet…


China Stocks

China is the Super Power prior to the steam engine

More than 1/3 of the world population (now is less than 20%)
Technology most advanced.
50% of world GDP (now is around 18%)


I told y’all so… :rofl:

50% seems a bit much though… :thinking:


I blame Zhu Yuanzhang. After defeating the Mongols using the gun, he banned the development of the weapon. Has he not done so, the theory of PV/T would have been discovered and well investigated leading to the discovery of steam engine. Now, China has lagged Europe and USA (and the so-called developing nations) by centuries, labeled as an emerging economy and accused of…

Above is just my opinion, no thorough investigation or deep thought.


The ultimate culprit is China’s geography. It is one big plain with little barriers between places so favors unification. Unification under one ruler stifles competition. With very little competition comes little incentive to innovate. Europe’s geography, on the other hand, is very fragmented with lots of barriers between countries. So many countries enables lots of competition and innovation.

However, globalization has taken shape in today’s world. With advanced modes of transportation and communication, there are no more geographic barriers between countries. So China once again is rising to prominance because it is again able to compete against other nations and innovate.


Sound logical but what take Europe that long to overtake China? Only from 1800s. Before that China rules.

If this is true, the only way to stop China’s ascendancy is to kill globalization.


Because China used to be fragmented too. It was not united until 200BC. And from 1AD to 1000AD there were many periods in which China was fragmented (three kingdoms, 5 barbarians and 16 kingdoms, northern and southern dynasties). It wasn’t until after the Mongol invasion that China was totally unified and never fragmented. So the stifling of Chinese innovation began only after the Mongol invasion.


After Yuan, need only to capture the capital to consider conquered :slight_smile:
Ming and Qing both last almost 300 years. Far too long… complacent.


Soooo, what took “Crazy, Rich Asians” so long???:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


When are you going to get over this obsession? :rofl:


When movies 2 and 3 are done… so, conservatively 5 years from now.



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