Berkeley Admission Stats 2018

To be a politician, you have to say what people want to hear. I am not good in doing that.

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Where is Bellarmine(SJ)? 98% B. high school grads go to a 4 year university.

Private high school screen. Bellarmine is middle of the road. Harker sent the most number. Did not know East Palo Alto has a private HS! And it’s doing alright!


Crystal Springs and Nueva missing for some reason. Nice data though! Affirms my interest in some of the N. Peninsula public high schools that are smaller/less cut throat than the MV/Lynbrook/Paly/Gunn scene.

The UC admission site says if there are too few applicants or too few admitted they won’t show that school’s data. For privacy I suppose. Crystal spring, Nueva, Proof and Oakland’s college prep are all missing. Maybe kids from these elite schools all go to fancy HPYSM?

Nueva has published their list. Lots at Stanford, U Chicago and then a mix.

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So Nueva sends an average of 2 kids a year to Berkeley. That’s why the UC site didn’t show it. They sent 28 kids to Stanford in 3 years. That’s a lot! :scream:

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That’s 10% of class every year.
I don’t think kids from Nueva want to go to public school. Other than Stanford, they seem to prefer top LAC schools, which makes sense.

If you’re a top student from a top high school with rich patents*, why in the hell would you goto Cal? please goto a nice private college.

No offense to Cal. It’s a great school.

You missed the most important thing: rich parents. :smile:

However, top UCs provides better ROI than many private colleges in terms of reputation among employers, job opportunities etc. Hence, if you can’t get into better(?) school than top UCs, you would consider UCs as well. I personally encouraged my kid to apply for private colleges after going through public education for 12 years.

My post was a gross generalization and blanket comment. It’s too easy to post something without any context. I have great respect for the UC system and it provides quality education at relatively affordable prices. I do agree with you regarding UC’s ROI and reputation, especially in California.

I guess my point is if you’re already top level (with education and wealth), there might be better options than UCs. Save some room at the UCs for the middle class, the working poor, and the immigrants!

Labeling those who go to UCs? In other words, @Jane is middle class or working poor?

Agree like start a business like Zuckerberg and Gates.

Too witty and smart for me @hanera . Picking me apart one word at a time. lol

Plenty of millionaire households consider themselves middle class here. That’s why I italicized it. Some disagree but plenty feel that way.

Do you describe yourself as middle class or upper class? Or am I labeling again? lol

I am a working poor. Now you see why I am so sensitive :sob:

I am SV middle class but my kid got into private college and withdrew UC application already. My biggest concern on UC was lack of on-campus housing (UCB guarantees only one year of on-campus housing) and too large class size.


Very large. Also admitted many not-good-enough students because of diversity considerations. UCs have to comply with the state government’s requirements and directions.

Diversity based admission has been banned. Talking about 10 years ago?

I am also starting to lean towards private college even though my kids haven’t graduated elementary schools yet. :smile:

The biggest rub for me is the locking down of popular classes like CS. I suppose this is a side effect of super big classes, one of the reasons you mentioned. That limits a kid’s scope for experimentation. Now if they want to take any serious amount of CS classes they have to declare CS major when they applied. They can’t dip their toes into different subjects, found out they actually like computers, and then go on to take more related classes.

I wonder if a middle of the road private colleges like Santa Clara would actually be better for a kid than a mega public school like Berkeley.

Is called inclusive and under-represented minorities which is not the same as “race and gender diversity”.

W2 quality goes for SCU. Startup quality goes for Stanford.