Berkeley Admission Stats 2018

This is an update to this old thread: UC Berkeley Admission Stats

I only looked up a few high schools that come to mind, some private and some public. You can look up the stats here: Admissions by source school | University of California

I sorted the table in descending order of admission percentage. Schools like Paly and Monta Vista seem pretty underwhelming. Mission San Jose and Burlingame are the top dogs. Capuchino is an outliner in that the applicant number is quite small. Maybe kids there were discouraged from applying?



I think you forgot there is a limit to intake for each school.
In absolute number, Lynbrook rank number 1 and MV rank number 2, both in FHSUD.

If so, then it still is a minus for those two schools.

You also have to consider overall student number for each school.
In case of lynbrook, each class has about 450 students. This means if you are top 15%(67/450) of your class, then you can get into UCB. In reality, many kids withdraw their UC applications after early decision admission and many of them are within top 10% of their class. Hence, in case of lynbrook, if you are top 20-25%, you can get into ucb.
In addition, another info you can pull is school profiles. It shows average SAT score of school. In case of Lynbrook, it is 1480sh. This is similar to other magnet schools which accept kids through competitive admission.

I have added a few more attributes: senior class size, number of AP courses offered, average SAT scores and asian student percentage. Sorting on SAT scores have the Cupertino schools on top:


Didn’t realize Monta Vista is so huge. What explains the huge difference on admissions rate between Monta Vista and Lynbrook? Per school admission cap? So it’s better to be in a smaller school than a larger one?

Colleges don’t just admit based on SAT alone though. In a bigger school isn’t there less opportunity for extracurricular activities and leadership development?

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Do they actually cap? I thought it was more accepting a certain minimum from each high school that impacts it. That’s serves as a cap on high achieving schools. It’s better to be a super star at an above average school than average at a top school.

There is no cap. Lynbrook proves it with its low class size. Being at the top of a mediocre school just guarantees seat in some low ranked UC not Berkeley.

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I recall Stanford admitting a student who wrote a politically charged essay. So, I have a feeling if a student indicates in his mission statement a desire to protect the earth from melting under the sunlight, admissions from all schools is guaranteed, and who knows a chance to speak in front of delegates from all over the world at United Nations is also there in waiting, regardless of the school attended.

I am sure every year hundreds of students try stunts like this. Colleges are not dumb.

Agreed. The colleges have figured out how to tell apart the true believers from fakers.

Some typos with Mission San Jose. Too many schools names Mission. Here’s the corrected table. It has the highest SAT scores. Sorted by SAT scores:


Does applied include those who later reject offer because they are admitted to Stanford, Oxford, MIT, … ?

There are 3 stats: Applied, Accepted and Enrolled. Kids could be accepted but chose not to enroll.

So admitted is ?

Not sure where you pull sat scores, but according to lynbrook school profile, students’ mean SAT score is 1470.

College Admissions Test Scores
SAT (Mean) 1470/1600 Class of 2018 Test Takers
Mean Evidence Based Reading & Writing (State TBA) 700 Mean Math (State TBA)

It was 2016 number according to that website.

That’s weird. At that time, perfect score for SAT was 2400.
Anyway, not sure how reliable that website info is. Chances are the score is based on voluntarily feedback from students or parents. The only reliable SAT score i am aware of is from school profile data from each school.

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