Berkeley students encounter mice, mold, bed bugs in dorms


They should suck it up and learn to live bitterly. That will better prepare them for the post college future.

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Oh my…
UCs become less and less appealing to me.
Recently, I learned that international admissions out of all admissions went up from 3% in 2009 to 18% in 2018.
I guess UC is the only state university which is trying to increase OOS/international students actively.
Their argument is higher tuition from OOS/international helps school but where did my state tax go?
20% for international, 40% for first-generation-college-student, what is left for kids like mine whose parents are high contributors for state tax?
No wonder why in-state kid with perfect GPA couldn’t make it to most of UCs CS program when 1000 students graduated with CS major in UCB every year.


I think California state government has increasingly reduced funding of public universities forcing them to creatively look for funding. Your state tax went to somewhere else like helping undocumented immigrants. Admitting more OOS/ international students who paid full tuition is one way. I believe after certain thresholds in GPA/SAT/ACT, other requirements such as personal statement and extra curricular activities are more important. That is perfect GPA/SAT/ACT is not necessary, demonstrating leaderships and high possibilities of future success are more critical.

Yes, it is to make up for reduced state funding. This is not unique to UCs. At Berkeley state funds only cover 13% of costs (it used to be 50% in the 1980s). But I think there was an increase proposed for this year’s state budget in order to freeze tuition rates for in state students and cap admissions for those coming from outside the state.

Although CS programs are going to be competitive to get in at UCs and other universities, latest update is fewer applicants to UCs all around:

I read last year there was unexpected over enrollment so that could be a reason for tighening the numbers of outright admissions (waitlisting more common) this year at UCs

Big deal. Most homes have mice and bugs. The entitled generation needs to learn to live in the real world.

According to the above link, comparable school like UT Austin shows 5% of international student.
CA has high state income tax rate. Texas doesn’t have state income tax. As i said, where did the state tax we pay go if they can fund only 17% of UC expense?

Look at what UW changed recently.

Computer Science Direct Admission is offered to about 280 freshmen from WA state, selected from more than 1,000 candidates, and approximately 60-70 non WA Residents. The UW admissions office prioritizes academically strong, motivated, and well-rounded students from Washington state. We hope to yield around 220 students.

Other (stem) competitive schools try to protect in-state kids while UCs try to increase OOS/international.


The ultra lefts are killing the golden goose.


You pay tax so that you can help other unfortunate people in the world. You are very fortunate and you have a good education, good income and good house, so your kids can afford going to CSU and let other less fortunate kids go to UC. It’s a generational fairness, just like the California estate tax :rofl:

California population is only 5% of the world population. It’s very generous to have 80% of instate students at UC. Plus those 20% international students and those 40% first generation college students will work to pay more taxes to help other unfortunate kids who are less fortunate than themselves. Not to mention the extreme increase of diversity they will bring to UC campus to make the students more sympathetic to the unfortunate people.

If you pay tax to benefit yourself, why bother to have the government to incur a big cost to manage your money? You can just keep your money to donate or spend as you wish.

Tax is not a payment for service. Tax is an equalization tool to force the wealthy to help the unfortunate. You are entitled to nothing when you pay a tax.

You should feel fortunate to have the opportunity to pay tax. In a communist country, you don’t even have an opportunity to pay tax because nothing belongs to you.


Also it’s more important to provide healthcare and food to California low income residents, refugees and undocumented kids and women, than giving your kids a UC education. High education is a luxury and it’s not entitled when you are wealthy and when your kids are working hard.

International students and out of state students pay full tuition at UC. Comparing with private colleges, UC’s instate students portion is much higher. I think we should stop public funding to UC and CSU. Only provide public funding to community colleges and K-12.

Community colleges are good quality for educational purpose. UCs are world class universities and a world class education is not an entitlement, it’s a luxury you should pay full tuition for. Just like a food stamp is not for you to feast in a 5 star restaurant.

In the meantime, we should ask UC to increase tuition to $100k for international students, and increase tuition to $60k for out of state students. These non-tax payers can subsidize in-state students in the mid term.

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Just some food for your thought, not a formal proposition :rofl:

If UCB professors are in the same league as Stanford, UCB students should also be as good as Stanford students. Why should a lesser student deserve a world class professor?

Why not expand the enrollment. Since the 60s population has doubled. UC enrollment hasn’t. Similar with Stanford and Ivy League schools


Sometimes you speak so nobly, I am wondering whether you are a saint :grinning:

Remove financial aids too? Many underrepresented of lower qualifications got financial aids to study in public universities, pushing out the more qualified ones like Jane children. This is in the name of diversification. Diversification is a hot theme :grinning: use to justify many initiatives.

Yeah. I am thinking of repealing state tax and federal tax altogether. You will pay a world tax at the same rate of your federal tax plus state tax. This is the true saint.

A world tax would help with border crisis :rofl:

To be honest, Jane should feel extremely fortunate. California has banned race based admission. If UC made admissions based on racial quota, it could become easier to get into Ivy than UC for her kid.

You can think of this way. If your kid is good enough for Ivy, she can just go to an Ivy League. If she is not good enough, it’s ok if she can not go to UCB since UCB Professor is at the Ivy caliber and the kid is not entitled to it anyway.

Agree on this.
Anyway, i don’t want to make a fuss about giving extra credit to underrepresented kids. In a sense, that’s fair. However, increasing international/oos admission at this rate is different story.

The slobby students need to stop feeding the mice and roaches; then they’ll go away. The bedbugs are harder because there you ARE the food. They require fumigation. But of course chemo-phobic lefties likely won’t want that. I guess off-campus housing is the ticket if you go to school at UC Berkeley.

You can kill bedbugs with heat. Run heaters at 130 degrees for a few hours. Kills them


One can’t help to think, where did UCB spend their money?

Berkekey has regulations to ban student living in a big house. It’s unaffordable to students when they are required to live like a professional