Best Bay Area Private Schools

@Elt1, your alma mater is on the list… Dang, $40k/yr these days for some of these schools is way more than my COLLEGE years in Westwood… I feel for you parents… really!!!

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I have lots of friends who brag about going to Stanford, including my wife. .But very few of us went to Lick-Wilmerding. .a very exclusive group…4 years of high school at $160k is a bargain compared to spending an extra million or two to live in PA…When I went to Lick it was free…A $3m endowment lasted from 1903 till 1973, when Nixon’s inflation wiped it out…The endowment was for an all boys school…It went coed with tuition in 1973…They still require shop, and art. …But now it has modern curricula too…very impressive with a theater, computerized shop equipment and fully integrated education. …The kids today are learning a helluva lot more than we did in 1970…

Well, that is for ONE rug rat…

No wonder my freebie Lowell is so sought after or our fav cities like PA, Cupertino and Saratoga are so freaking expensive…

Most people have 2 or fewer kids… $320k still less then $1m…Demand for private schools is is high…Plenty more would be built…but hard to get through the red tape…And the fact that the schoos would have to built new to conform with state seismic regulations…
Besides kids are just expensive. . $40k/ for childcare is not unheard of…No wonder millennials are delaying marriage and kids.

San Francisco already has the smallest percentage (13.4) of residents younger than 18 of any city in the country.

It’s not just the cost. Even young billionaires now have 0 to 2 kids. How many young billionaires have more than 2 kids?

We are in a huge crisis now. Seems that only the low income people or recent immigrants have more than 2 kids.

Old billionaires tend to have 4 to 5 kids. Modern billionaires do not even resource is not an issue.

Maybe we should give all child bearing mothers a universal income. Non child bearing wemen and men need to earn the living, mothers will get a Bernie income. This will solve the underemployment, unemployment and the white working class men problems and also provide abundant population to sustain the America.

We can give a universal income of $30k per child to the mother. $30k for 1st child, $20k for 2nd, $15k for 3rd, 10k for 4th, $5k for 5-10th.

Are you encouraging more unwed mothers? Adopted children count or not? Same allowance everywhere or higher in city, less in suburb, even less in rural or higher in California and lower in midwest?

Ok, @Elt1, just for fun only, who is arguably (not you) the most famous alumni from Lick? Lowell of course has many to choose from…

Honest question: like who?


From actors to judges to captains of industry… #24 should mean something to you, tech boy…:grin:

Damn, didn’t crack the top 100 ¯_(ツ)_/¯

You an alum too???

One of the gals I knew from our class went on to win a Grammy…

Guys, the best tech billionaire Lowell ever produced is from the 1930s? C’mon, what have you guys done for me lately? :smile:

Not Lowell, no


You should be so lucky should your lil ones get in…

(That savings of what 200k by then for each kid should buy you more properties…)

I am already planning my escape route to Burlingame, but the house prices there make me cry… :cry:

Burlingame? I took you to be more of a Cupertino guy…

It’s too late for me. My wife will never live too far from SF ever again… :cry:

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From Wikipedia. .Lick alumns…I didn’t make the list…But my Classmate Alan Gregerman should have…

Notable alumni	

Albert Overhauser - National Medal of Science winner (class of '42)
C. J. Goodell - Associate Justice, Court of Appeal of California, First Appellate District (1945–1953)
Benjamin Wildman-Tobriner- 2008 Gold Medal Olympic Swimmer
Laura Sullivan - Investigative Correspondent for NPR, winner of three Peabody Awards
Teresa Strasser - radio and television personality, writer
Francis Tapon - Author, public speaker, global nomad
Gerek Meinhardt - Fencer at the 2008 Summer Olympics, youngest American Olympian fencer
Frederick Seitz - Physicist, National Medal of Science winner
Jonathon Keats - Conceptual artist
John Lane Bell - mathematician and philosopher
Luca Iaconi-Stewart - model aircraft builder
Dan the Automatorsource - DJ/Producer
Noe Venable - singer, song-writer
Andres Amador - artist
Kate Weare - dancer / choreographer / founder and artistic director of Kate Weare Company

On average, Lick-Wilmerding receives approximately 900 applications each year for 128 seats in the incoming 9th grade class. Full Tuition for the 2015–2016 school year is $42,438, with Flexible Tuition ranging from $1,000 to $42,438. This includes books, lunch, and all course materials and supplies

These private K-12s are the biggest ripoffs on the planet. If the kid wants to be in the wrong group he/she will get badly influenced whether it be a private or public.

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I hated high school, not so much because of Lick Wilmerding , but because it was unsafe to go to Berkeley High and I had to commute. .Berkeley high was so dangerous that a lot of kids carried guns in the 60s…However bad schools are today they were a lot worse in 1968…