Best IPO Year Since Dot Com


Opening a new thread to collect all the 2019 IPO news. I think this year may be the best in two decades. Unicorn after unicorn are tripping over themselves going public.



Tsunami of IPOs, who would buy IPOs and where the cash would be coming from?

Any tech stocks?
Using margin?


Lots of cash on the sideline. Guys like @Jil are itching to go back in.





Renaissance Capital, which advises institutional buyers on IPOs and maintains the IPO ETF, a basket of roughly the last 60 large IPOs, has a watch list of 226 private companies that are planning to go public in 2019. These companies represent a value of $697 billion.

Assuming the companies float 15 percent of their value, you get over $100 billion in IPO offerings ($697 billion x 15 percent = $104.55 billion).

“That will break any record we have ever seen in terms of dollar volume,” Kathleen Smith of Renaissance tells CNBC. It would be bigger than 1999 and 2000, the years that represented the height of the dot-com IPO boom. There were $93 billion of IPOs in 1999 and $97 billion in 2000, according to Renaissance Capital.



Don’t know anybody using Pinterest.


Not now, today is the start for first decline. Market may be with small waves (ups and downs) from now, but next 50-90 days is downtrend only.

I have tiny TSLA (very tiny loss) as a watch list, everything else in cash position for bottom fishing. I will wait longer time at least 40 days or 50 days to get in.

The Shutdown impact on USA should be more than one year China Tariff impact and will bite us in next quarterly results.

I will never buy IPO on first day during 2019. All IPOs, UBER, LYFT…etc will fall like FB $37 to $17, let me land in at some bottom


So far that mean 4-5 days.

You will eat straw :sweat_smile:


Yes, I was kind of out of control many times :rofl:

It i supposed to opposite, I will rice when straws are shed :joy:


You are so sure about this “downturn”, you almost had me convinced :smile:


I will sell all my rentals and plow every single penny into this year’s IPO.


I may be wrong too - you have noticed many times.

I know the market has reached peak as per my calculations, but will take time to fall. How depth we do not know and when it will recover we do not know.

But, note this important point.

Next one or two cycle bottom are the best chance to grab good companies at low cost. If we leave the chance, we will be missing the boat for a long term.

Your method of buy at bottom and hold for long is the best in coming chance.

You see how this stock dropped today, SCARY DROP I am Not catching this knife






Hoarding cash. Waiting for Airbnb IPO


I hate Airbnb. Hope it crashes and burns.




Then I will buy. Tech and RE how can you go wrong. Plus Airbnb gets 13% off the top without owning any RE. Genius