Best IPO Year Since Dot Com


A huge amount of money is mutual funds. They stick pretty close to S&P 500 allocations. That means every $1 they spend buying a unicorn is $1 they must sell of another tech stock.

I do think this will get millilenials excited. It’s a chance for them to buy companies they know and use. They are under invested in stocks compared to prior generations.


Ok you’re right. I’ll sell all my rentals and plow every penny into that Airbnb stock :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


When did I say I hate Airbnb? :thinking:

However I do think they will get highly regulated, more so than Uber or Lyft. People are hyper sensitive about housing.


You meant WeWork, which is also rumored to IPO this year.


The regs only hurt the hosts not Airbnb.

I don’t know WeWork. Don’t they just lease and sublease? Where is the secret sauce? Sounds like new agey hocus pocus.


True. It’s always the moms and pops who got hurt. Big guys don’t care.


I naturally assumed that you do because you tend to be jealous of everything that’s successful :rofl:


Where is @sfdragonboy ???


Only people with thick skin gets to stick around.


Is it 1999? Party will be over on 1-2 years


Should I go buy a coffin to prepare in advance?


Don’t overreact, don’t panic. Just some puts to protect :rofl:

If Bernie Sanders won the primary, be prepared for a 75% loss :sob:

No Socialism, No Prop 10 :muscle:


According to the filing, Lyft recorded $2.2 billion in revenue in 2018, more than double the $1 billion recorded in 2017. Meanwhile, losses have been growing considerably. The company posted a net loss of $911 million on the $2.2 billion in revenue and a $688 million loss on 2017’s $1 billion.

Lyft currently holds 34 percent of the U.S. ridesharing market, a figure the company has been working tirelessly to increase as it gears up for its IPO. Uber holds the remaining 66 percent.


LYFT, The company expects to be valued at between $20 billion and $25 billion in its IPO, up from its current $15 billion valuation



You can fairly assume that many instant Millionaires on IPO day except SNAP? !


What is the size of the IPO compare to FB IPO? FB IPO produces enough millionaires to ignite a RE bull market.


Remember, FB went down from $37 to $17. Exactly like this, all inflated IPO will land it. Next issue is with underwriters. If the initial response is poor, they may not support price.

FB was only company escaped out of underwriting devaluation. Let us wait and see how it works.



An old jean business is not listed until now? Did it go bankrupt once?