Biden leads Trump by 'landslide proportions' in new national poll

Will Trump lose 2020 to Biden?

What’s the track record of Quinnipiac poll?

It’s way too early. This is probably the left attempting to get everyone in line supporting Biden as the best chance to beat Trump.

It may become competitive and it won’t be an easy win for Trump. Trump may need to contain himself and end the trade war soon

Who is the trade war hurting? People in California are hit harder by the gas tax increase than tariffs. People making under $50k/yr are seeing their income increase faster than any other income group. They are finally benefitting from the economic growth. Real income is increasing for the first time in 20 years. Unemployment is hitting historic lows. All the trade war has done is cause some stock volatility which only impacts the top 10% of people who actually own stocks. The market isn’t far from all-time highs, so it’s not like the trade war has tanked the market either.

I think he’ll be even stronger in the rust belt states this time around. Just look at the manufacturing job growth numbers. They are the best in 20+ years. Those people are going to vote based on that. The democrat stronghold is minority voters, and he’s gaining popularity there too.

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Numbers don’t matter if they’re all in Demcract controlled urban centers. If 51% of Californians vote Dem their candidate gets 55 electoral votes. If every single voter in CA votes Democrat the Dems still get…55 electoral votes. To win Dems need to expand their base beyond 20 of 50 states and there’s scant evidence that they have managed that to date.
This read is kind of long but worth the effort.

There are reports that Trump’s internal polling shows that Biden beats Trump


Biden will be driven into the left ditch just like the Bernie crowd did to Hillary. If he is smart he will avoid the debates with the 23 dwarfs. A total loser program for him. A leftist Mexican firing squad. Unfortunately he is not very smart.

If the Dems lose 2020 it will be because of the progressives. They are their own worst enemy…preferring this trivial infighting to taking on the real menace. I give Bernie some slack in 2016 because Hillary was also a menace (albeit of a different kind). Now it’s time to rally around someone decent and moderate and boot the three ring circus out of office.

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I wish someone could take on Trump. But if Biden is the only choice, Trump will win. And it will the be the Democrats own fault. They will take down Biden before the general election even gets started. Harris, Spartacus, Warren and all the other progressives are so self destructive it is going to be an hilarious freak show. They are so convinced they are right that they have no clue to what the rest of Americans think or feel about their radical agendas. As far as Bernie, he relishes the defeat of Democrats because he isn’t a Democrat. He narcissistically travels down memory lane in 60s wacko land. Really does not give a crap about anyone or anything.

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Harris has far more skeletons in her closet than Trump. If she gains any real traction they will all come out and America will wonder how she got as far as she did.

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She is only there because she was Willies girlfriend. A light weight with a big mouth.

Trump fired his polling people after the poor internal polling number is leaked. Maybe Biden is indeed leading Trump by a wide margin.

Hillary led in the 2016 polls. Trump supporters are afraid of leftist polling and will not reveal their support. Besides Biden support is broad but weak.


I guess by now Trump supporters are comfortable to support him during the poll. Polling is confidential and their friends should have no way to know what they told the pollster. Sampling error should not be an issue for Trump’s internal pollsters.

What’s the reason his pollster leaked the internal poll? Are those pollsters not Trump supporters?

Trump is probably a 100% lock for 2nd term now if things stay the same. Dow 30k here we come after tariffs resolution with China. I don’t like trumps mouth but can’t deny economy is thriving under his watch


Meanwhile we’re edging toward a serious conflict with Iran. None of our allies trust our intelligence anymore because trump has alienated them with his lies and sanctions. Without Europe on board there’s nothing we can do against Iran (short of war) and they will go on to develop nukes in the next few years. Same situation in N.K. Xi is using them as leverage in the trade war. Trump was an idiot to take on both at the same time.

The economy is not as strong as you think. The tax plan hasn’t produced anywhere near the revenue that Republicans predicted. Trump is threatening to fire Powell if he doesn’t keep rates low through the next election. These guys are putting their reelection ahead of the stability of the country, blowing a short bubble in the hope of getting reelected.

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Most likely he will get re-elected. The close race may force him to slow down and avoid too much confrontation. It’s better to do nothing than too much.

Trump will get re-elected. No doubt the Democrats will blow their huge lead in the polls. They will conduct a pathetic leftist, progressive whining and blaming campaign. They will forget about electability and cripple Biden in the primaries. There is nothing they can say about Trump that hasn’t been said. Just running against him is not a winning strategy

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Michael Weinstein will get Trump Re-elected :rofl: They are the real democrats, not the fake Biden.

But seriously Biden will have a really strong performance, it may scare Trump many times during the process. However, it’s easy for the sitting president to adjust and fine tune. He can have a trade deal any minute he wants it.

“It’s the economy stupid”. Got Clinton elected. Otherwise a sitting president is unbeatable. Economy is doing very well. Biden has a slim chance. But a zero chance if the progressives stay home like they did for Hillary.

Seventy percent of Americans described the economy as “excellent” or “good.” And 77 percent said their own personal financial situation is “excellent” or “good,” which is close to the all-time high of 78 percent recorded in April of 2018.

Bad news for the Democrats

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