Big tree in the yard, OK or stay away?

I saw this house with a huge (4-5 stories high) red wood tree in the yard.
It’s about 15-20 feet from the house.

Is it a huge maintenance nightmare? Should be added to the big no list? (busy street, etc, but then that filters out even more houses…)

Or it’ll be alright?

A huge tree is a huge negative. …except to a logger…lol

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Sharing my hard lessons learnt. Redwood Trees are California protected tree and City/County may not allow you to cut down unless it is hitting utility lines or harmful.

On the other hand, if you get permit, you stand to gain big money, ranging from $25000 to $40000. Yes, Redwood Trees valued high, but California does not allow to cut them.

Maintenance is a minor issue. Only issue, windy rainy day brings the branches down !

RUN AWAY!!! The Fremont home that I bought for a song has a fairly large tree in the deep corner of the lot, so fairly far away from the house. But guess what? The roots from the monster ruined the concrete patio by buckling it. The roots went that far, so 15-20 ft is not that far for roots from your huge tree to possibly impact your foundation and various sewer lines. Something to seriously look into and consider if really worth it…

But then you will still buy it given what you know now sfdragonboy? given the price?

Indeed the concrete slab in the yard has cracks all over and the inspection report says a small problem with the foundation (but mentioned it is normal for house around 50-60 age)

Is the roots causing problem to the sewer lines and potentially affecting the foundation a good enough reason to get removal permit?

Yes, but you need to prove it to the city/county using arborist report. Once you do that,Redwood tree becomes an asset, you stand to gain at least $25000 !

You also note that cutting down a big tree costs a lot+Insurance. You need to find right company to get it down.

I had cut down two big tree (not redwood) in the past, appx 50 feet. One branch spoiled neighbors shared fence which I fixed at $200. Another branch hit my home window, hmmm costed bit high, fixed by replacing double pane retrofit.

My case was a relatively easy fix (since the tree was pretty far away from the main house that I think I am ok. I bought it since it was a cheap house. Yours may not be and again if the tree is huge and fairly close to the main house, it is something to look into or have someone look into. Not only might you not get the ok to remove the tree but it sounds like it would be very expensive to do that.

I love trees, especially redwoods. Sure, there’s some danger but IMO worth it (I guess I might be in for a sewer repair some day!)

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Let’s not mention the possibility that the tree itself or limbs could fall on your lovely home. The constant clean-up of your roof and gutters to make sure pathways are clear for rain water. If those roots start impacting your foundation or any brick work, man, that is going to get expensive. Keep the trees where they belong, in the parks!!! :slight_smile:

If it is lifting up the house I can write a letter to get approval for cutting it down due to structural damage…I just bought a house that had been lifted up 5" in 60 years…The tree is now gone…

Redwood trees should not be grown on residential lots under 1/2 acre…and should never be closer than 30’ from a structure

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If it causes problems to your house, you can cut it down (with proper permits). General maintenance costs money, but surely it is minuscule compared to the price of the home. I would consider a big tree in a completely different category from “busy street” and “power lines”. Drive through palo alto, los altos, portola valley, etc – lots of big trees. Doesn’t seem to be hurting the real estate prices…

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It may not, but it will ruin your back yard and eventually your foundation. .Redwoods should not be on typical suburban lots. …They are messy, kill every thing under them, create permanent shade, drip red drops on everthing and could be widow maker in a storm. .

Is it a rule or preferable feature?

My lot was 10k, but the tree is 8-10 feet front from structure. IIRC, If this is less than 6 feet, san jose city allows to cut as they affect the building.

It is not a rule but it should be…Trees grow fast and grow from cute to obnoxious very quickly…

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Don’t buy it. Suburban life is not for you. Plenty of condos in the concrete jungle. Oakland, SF, SJ.

I’ve got…a few. Never been a problem.

If one blows down on your house it could ruin your day

Not to mention the occasional forest fire…

Nice picture, which city?