Bitcoin in the toilet

What happened to all the bets. Pteiman?
GBTC at 8.50. Down 5% today… The trend is down

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Bitcoin is dead coin now , no way to recover…It will be in Wikipedia, as a 2018 correction and as a example like Tulip Mania…

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Talked to my wealthy apartment owner partner. He says he is not selling or buying. We are going to upgrade… Rents up 30% in south Sac bullish for contractors.

Bitcoin? If he holds it, better to sell. Otherwise, whatever he holds is not salable for ever.

No apartments. He finds stocks and commodities boring.


Pteiman is the only real estate guy I know that bought bitcoin. Only a few milllienals I know bought bitcoin. They aren’t talking. It thankfully died a quiet death

Here’s something that just popped in my inbox about the sac market:

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Great news. My partner says Sac buyers are driving up prices lowering cap rates. Best thing to do now is upgrade and remodel instead of selling and looking for better deals. We have the cheapest 2bd units in town $1050. No vacancies.

Isnt the mining cost $5700 per bitcoin now? what will happen to the mining farms and their operations with no demand?


Shatner will ask Scotty to beam him up…:sunglasses:

There’s about to be a lot of used hardware for sale on the cheap.

Not good for NVDA. isn’t 20% of their revenue for hardware for cryptocurrency mining?

It looks like than than 10%.


Any comments from your idol Chamath?

Chamath said buy 3 years ago I think, as a hedge in case it came to be something. Worked out brilliantly for early adopters.

I am also super skeptical of blockchain despite everybody saying it’s the next best thing. So far I have not seen one single compelling use case.

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Now that everyone is super bearish on bitcoin is the bottom near? Maybe I should buy some in case it’s skybound again? :thinking:

It can drop even more though.

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May be worthwhile to gamble here, could have a technical re-bound.

Is Pteiman buying?