Bitcoin's 10 trillion dollar valuation is fast approaching

What wealth, when you will confiscate it all you will realize that its value sums up to zero. Yes zero as it does not produce anything. Its just energy pig and gambling.

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Crapto is an illusion wrapped in an enigma.

Buy the dip?


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I hope it goes to 0.


Eventually everything will go to 0.

BA RE could go down 20% . SJ is already down 10% supposedly from from some mythical high according to Manch. It it amazing that most people on this forum have given up at least buying more BA RE in the last few years. Including me. You should be applauded for hanging in there. It just isn’t worth the aggravation for me to live in the BA. Still own some Oakland apartments through a fund. We are currently suing Oakland and Alameda county with the help of the California Apartments owners association. Our $50m fund is owed $2m in back rents.

Meanwhile BA prices have held up remarkably well. Although I have done better in Tahoe investing in the last 9 years.

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Crypto is the cockroach of the investment world. Hard to kill off. Lurking in the shadows waiting to come back. $2trillion gone thanks to this criminal enterprise. Imagine if that money had been spent on teachers salaries instead?

Let’s hope the cockroach of the investment world disappears into oblivion.

El Salvador is desperate. A dangerous place with high crime and no hope. A perfect victim for scam like Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is showing some signs that it might have bottomed. I don’t own any bitcoin directly.
Many view bitcoin as a risk-on indicator. Hence, if bitcoin rallies, expect high growth stocks to rally.