Bitcoin's 10 trillion dollar valuation is fast approaching

The fries included are worth $5. So the burger is less than $10
the Burger Lounge is $12 for a fast food burger… 1/2 pound…both very good… nothing cheap thanks to the Biden premium

That’s an interesting turn.

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Typical portfolio of a FinTwitter. This year, they are laughing to the bank, making huge gains.

Max contradiction.
Crypto - Contribute tons of carbon emission in atmosphere
TSLA - Help reduce carbon emission in atmosphere

Danny, the patriotic Hong Konger, who remain in Hong Kong is doing way better than those who abandon ship. Disclosure: Didn’t own any miners despite noticing the extreme bullishness expressed by FinTwitters.
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If you’re not into crypto…

2024, need to own some crypto regardless of whether you believe in them or not. Bullishness is all over the social media, is a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, ride while time is great.
Disclosure: Own COIN, ETHE, GBTC. Regretably, take too long to consider what to sell to buy miners, missing the relentless daily double digits gain of miners’ stocks.
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Miners are leveraged play on crypto. Crypto is already insanely volatile. I don’t think adding even more variables is a good idea. Just own the coins unleveraged is good enough.

Kites can’t fly high if too conservative.

Buying cryptos is the opposite of being conservative.

I am just speaking from my own experience. Used to try being clever but if you stack too many variables in one go, things won’t be stable. You need to look at the entire lifecycle of ownership.

Earnings is AH, is there a leak?

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Who wants to be high as a kite… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Crypto is pure gambling based in the greater fool theory.


Stay foolish.

Haha… didn’t add… next time I’ll :slight_smile:

According to the halving theory, have to start buying bitcoin around Apr 22, 2024 for max risk-reward. Target price $200k… however, I read that Jesse would sell all well before that… he might have known something…

ETH is just quietly grinding along.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs Continue To Gain Momentum

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By Yassine Elmandjra
Director of Digital Assets

One month into their approval, spot bitcoin ETFs are proving transformative for institutional investors and asset allocators. Bitcoin’s market cap has eclipsed $1 trillion for the first time since November 2021 and, according to Bloomberg, spot bitcoin ETF volumes and flows in aggregate are higher at this point in their lifecycle than those of any ETF asset launch in history As measured by volume and flows since inception on January 11, spot bitcoin ETFs already are the second largest commodity ETF behind gold, and ahead of silver. In volume, they have generated $43.9 billion or $18.6 billion, excluding the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ETF (GBTC), which has outflowed. Net inflows excluding GBTC have totaled $11.5 billion, or $4.7 billion including GBTC.

Bound by mandates that restrict their exposure to bitcoin without extensive due diligence, some of the largest full-service brokerage firms and financial advisors are waiting for the green light. During the next three to six months, as due diligence teams understand the opportunity in well diversified portfolios to potentially increase risk-adjusted returns with a new asset class, flows into bitcoin ETFs should continue to increase.

Bought any yet? :wink:

I have quite a bit. Have been holding for 2+ years.

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New Convert

Uber bitcoin bull, Jesse’s price target is $280k. Only if it is an inverse H&S with the right shoulder at $33k. That is, decline to $33k before mooning to $280k.