Black Monday 2020

It’s official. We now have the Black Monday 2020 entry on Wikipedia:

Here’s the original Black Monday 1987:

As a reference, historical chart of Dow around 1987 Black Monday:

Here’s the 6mo chart of Dow as of today, the day after Black Monday 2020. There will be retests of the lows but will we see similar pattern? Will the Monday low hold? Billion dollar question.


Zigzag - a wave two. Now wait for the retest - a new low is NOT good because it means a lot lower.
Sell all rentals and wait for the retest. If didn’t establish, BTFD with everything you got. You would thanks me after your net worth shot up by ten folds after one year - margin to the heels or buy LEAPS calls 3x-4x leverage.


You support trading here, not investing, buy and hold rental? :rofl:

Pulling @manch legs :rofl:

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I am too old for options. You should tell young guns like @caiguycaiguy and @harriet.

Oh boy.

@manch how to draw deduction from your chart?
Stabilize after 14 days? Did @acre or somebody said that few days ago?
This applies to all except Wuhan? because is the place of origin. The mutations that other nations get are pretty unstable and die off after 14 days? Barely survive in the next infected host?

Trump killed the longest bull market in American history. MAGA! :rofl:

That depends on government’s response. Korea didn’t need 14 days. Italy looks like it’s going to blast thru 14 and keeps on accelerating.

Looks like a curse on Rep…First Bush, then Trump…etc even though Trump did the best (IMO) for USA!
Other side, see how was Clinton and Obama…

1993-2001: 436 → 1355 (3.11x)
2009-2017: 832 → 2271 (2.73x)

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Nah, I think he extended the inevitable by 2-3 years, thanks to his buddy Xi. Long live the king!

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Trump made the coronavirus?
In 2-3 months it will have burned itself out - but Biden will still be senile.
And with everyone falling over themselves to show they are “doing something” you can expect that by the time a package is negotiated, agreed to, signed, implemented and has had time to take affect the crisis will be long past and the effect will hit just in time for the election. Likely a positive for Trump. Expect a huge growth and hiring surge in the third quarter.


I have been saying Trump is the right’s Jimmy Carter. Now we have the equivalent of Iran hostage crisis. We will see. November will be lit.

Why are AMD and ZM green today?


Is 32 still considered young gun?

Too bad I’m can’t do math to save my life. No options trading for me.

Long only equities and housing for the win!

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Except that Jimmy Carter’s crisis wasn’t an act of nature. And Biden is no Reagan.

Did you know Reagan had nothing to do with the release of the hostages. It’s an urban myth. The release had already been negotiated.