Boba milk tea is the new drug

At least according to some Millbrae parents:

And the original comment made at the last city council meeting:

I’m cringing so hard right now.


It’s true. Boba tea is evil.

It is one of the incentives for getting my kids to do something…

Uhm… Is it really that addictive? Or is it just the sugar?

I guess so although i don’t drink it…
My kid really relly likes it. Sigh…

You can get it without sugar/cream/jelly toppings/etc. It would be just straight tea which only cost a fraction and much more healthier…

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I was drinking those things once a week a few years ago. So bad for you but so good…

Cannot be worse than weed.

It is addictive. Wifey has me on a strict limit with regards to boba drinks. She has taken to making it for me every night so that I don’t spend our hard earned cash on the habit.

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Spent a fortune on milk tea every week :hugs: Have practically tried out every milk tea stores within 10 miles radius :slight_smile:

Well, thank you guys for the warning. I don’t need yet another food addiction. I will stay far away.

I like boba drinks but only drink it once every 2 months or so. Those tapioca balls have cancerous chemicals.

My new addiction is icicles in mountain view. banana + nutella. very good.
I like boba tea, too, tea era in mtv is not bad!

Carcinogen in state of california, or everywhere else? :slight_smile:

The whole cup is carcinogenic no matter where it is made :slight_smile:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun causes skin cancer…

Just to be clear, I was being sarcastic. If boba milk tea is all parents have to complain about in Millbrae, it’s pretty damn good around here. Also, yes there are a studies that show sugar is addictive, but I feel it is being used as an unfair scapegoat. Why not attack soda, candy, or deserts then?

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Granite countertops are radioactive and may cause cancer.

Eat those overpriced once 2-4 weeks. My favorite is Wake Me Up… I’m always sleepy and tired :slight_smile:

yeah they are overpriced. They do a small show while prepping it. I always let the wife take care of the watching :slight_smile: i sit down, and wait for my icecream to come so i can dump coconut on it.