Boba milk tea is the new drug

80% of the price is for the show! So you are definitely not getting the value for your money :wink:

It’s similar to the Turkish ice-cream where 80% of the price is for the show. If you just ask someone else to grab a Turkish ice cream cone for you, you are wasting money!

The money i pay is the same either way :slight_smile:

That’s what I was wondering–is it just the sugar, or is there something else in the tea that’s addictive. If it’s just the sugar, then the problem is solvable with probiotics (reduces the yeast that make you crave the sugar).

I am assuming you guys and gals have tried their version? I have had not the pleasure since just not near them and no parking (sutter and stockton street, come on!!!). I am slightly biased to Wonderful Dessert and Cafe on Irving though (over 10 bucks for wifey’s durian boba, yicks, second mortgage please tracie!!!)

I prefer Asha Tea House over Boba Guys. The latter is overrated IMO.

Boba Guy is for non Asians I think. You can buy their milk tea at some supermarkets like rainbow.

Give that girl a credit card, it’d make things easier to track.

business opportunity. it’ll be fine.

Uh, do you know how much it costs me to buy my lovely wife her favorite real durian boba drink as it is? Over 10 bucks!!! Add a $2 straw, and it is what $15!!! Hell no… maybe on your birthday sweetie :grinning::grinning::grinning:

It will be cheaper dont worry.

Not, real durian buddy… 20 bucks soon, for a boba drink, ouch!!! Come on, a pint of real durian ice cream at Marco Polo is North of 20 bucks as it is!!!

Your wife is too high maintenance. Even $5 boba drinks are expensive to me.


Get yourself a husband and let him pay for everything you crave. :grinning:

My philosophy on drinks is this: a drink should not cost more than a meal. At $20, @sfdragonboy can get a lunch special + some potstickers at San Tung.

SF banned straw now. So you boba lover, get ready to use you left hand to scoup the boba, and right hand to wipe your xxx.

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appropriate response to a 姑娘?

姑娘? wow you’re from the ancient time…

Why do you need to wipe your xxx while drinking boba tea? You may need to see a doctor.