Boba milk tea is the new drug

what are you guys thinking
xxx depending on what you think. it maybe x to someone and y to another one…
maybe it’s you …

You mean a sugar daddy?

He is making fun of Indians?

Saw a good article on sugar daddy’s but afraid to post it here because I am a good feminist. :smile:

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Dude, You are the CREATOR. Post away…

What can I say or do? It is only a drink, an occasional one at that. I managed to switch her onto T4… cheaper :smile::smile::smile:


I love boba milk tea, there’s an iTea near my house and I go at least once a week…

But please don’t put boba on pizza. :scream:

I want to try that sometime… :rofl:

Here’s another bastard food: :scream:

Yummy crust… :rofl:

Boba tea is just empty calories…I don’t drink coffee either.

You don’t drink boba for its nutritional value :rofl:

At least with a beer you get some thrill out of 300 useless calories…

People get their thrill out of boba in a different way :rofl:

My dinner every Thursday night is a boba tea :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Uh oh:

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Nice way to shorten your lifespan… :rofl:

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Where is a giant straw when you need one…