Boeing hard hit today after crash 737-Max


Given current software companies emphasizing on delivering beta quality software and let users do the QC to reduce cost of testing, you should be very scared of anything autonomous that have life and death implications.


Now even Canada the American poodle is banning 737 Max 8. Only the US is still allowing this plane to continue killing people.

Don’t fly Southwest.


Once all these 737s are grounded won’t there be a shortage and many less flights available. Fare increases? Economic impact?


Even if USA is not grounding, people won’t board the carrier or flights.

Sure, economic impact…


Boeing is stupid. They should have rolled out AI slowly. Maybe let Tesla to test with people killing first. Tesla bug would have much less impact.

Maybe they should test AI with military aircraft since less people are on board and military pilot are better trained and younger


350 planes out or tens of thousands. Seems like a minor impact.


Loss of customer confidence.

Big airlines, all over the world, are grounding not because of retaliation against USA, but by the liability behind another 737 MAX 8 failures.

Airlines are running with very low margin, hard to break even.

Boeing would have found the bug and fixed it before this 2nd incident.

We will not know the monetary impact until we see the results after the quarterly reports, not only for Boeing, but also for other companies.


So far the airlines are unaffected. I would buy BA at $300. After all PGE was a great buy at $7.


You just prove the theory famous book : A Random Walk Down Wall Street, The Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investing

Anyway, we need to focus such again ! I do not hate AAPL, but how much it (or FAANG) can grow is the question?

Let us try the dart board with small or medium caps. I want to market to settle down so that I can pick up some stocks or S&P500 index (tired of picking stocks).

Silicon is the New Oil
Silicon is the New Oil

That is a lot!!! a lot!!! a lot!!! Is zero tolerance. A few Americans gunned down somewhere is a big deal, yet few hundreds of other citizens died is insignificant?

The equivalent price of $7 in PGE is $50 :slight_smile: PGE went down as low as $5! Similar % for BA is $35. So wait or pass. Your wife has BA?

Too much faith in tech in general, AI in particular. Although I had worked in IT industry and currently invested in IT companies, I am very skeptical of its effectiveness, I play along :slight_smile: Most software is a piece of shit :slight_smile: , badly implemented or installed or f… hard to use.


I agree that 2 crashes is tragic. But taking 350 planes out of service won’t jam up the industry that much. But so far the FAA is standing behind BA.
I am not a big fan of airlines, plane makers or car companies…


More like standing behind its own reputation. FAA certified Boeing 737 Max 8 as safe to fly.


The max 8 is brand new. Thousands of 30-50 year old planes flying worry me more. Metal fatigue, poor maintenance issues. Aeroflot has real scary planes.

According to the Aircraft Crashes Record Office, 8,231 passengers have died in Aeroflot crashes, about five times more than any other airline (all of which were far smaller). From 1946 to 1989, the carrier was involved in 721 incidents.


This whole fiasco sounds awfully similar to the story from an Amazon series - “The Widow” :tv:


Cars ar 100 times more dangerous than planes.


My pilot friends always told me that. Is BS stats using carefully selected yardsticks.


People feel safer in cars because they are in control. But they have no control over the drunk that rear ends them


If every country is grounding, what’s the point for US to continue to fly? No benefit and plenty of downsides. Not a wise decision.

Is FAA bribed? :rofl:


Boeing is Huawei.


America has better pilots. Sully wouldn’t have crashed.