Boeing hard hit today after crash 737-Max


But, think about world wide airlines industry point of view. There is a known issue that software overrides pilot’s action and crashes it.

This is like you understand potential break failure likely in your car due to some recall, will you drive that car until it is fixed?

They are all grounding the planes until possible fix by Boeing and testing it is fine to fly.

Most of the air passengers are wealthy and they won’t even take a risk of their life.


Trump grounded them.



Trump is correct and doing right thing now!

He needs to ensure country people, either local or visitors, are safe and secure.

Everyone life is valuable, and America stands by it.

He is great again!!!


I agree to ground them. What is FAA doing? Stupid or bribed?


Stock dropping after hours. United going up Southwest going down. BA headed to $300?


Can Southwest sue Boeing for all the loss?


FAA certified max 8 is safe to fly so it can’t order the grounding. Trump did the right thing to help FAA out.


Thanks to United, TSA, terrorists and BA flying is no longer worth the hassle. I would rather drive and vacation domestically.


Don’t you wish we have those super fast choo choo trains like China does? :smile:


I wish for it but we are too expensive for that. As Pelosi put it, we are not worth it :rofl:


Stats prove otherwise. Safety is not subjective and can be measured. And aircraft orders won’t be decided by name.


If fb stock price is an indicator, a month or two might be a good time to buy.


Hmm, I didn’t see anything wrong with FB stock price lately. Are you saying home price will go down in 1-2 months?

Have you bought a house while hiding? :rofl:


fb “scandal” & earnings reports & etc dropped the price down by 30%40%? boeing might is down 15%. maybe can drop another 10%?


I see what you are saying. But Boeing is in Seattle, far from Menlo Park and Mountain View. Even if BA stock drops 40%, SFBA home price will still go up in the next 2 months.

So last year’s home price drop was induced by FB dip?


I was mostly talking about BA stock.

I Think house prices will still stall for a bit more. Probably nearing mortgage rates (making appreciation a wash).

Wasn’t there some guy in this forum from Seattle (Amazon?) who was telling something something “wake me up when prices drop” something something? :slight_smile:


No. Boeing moved their HQ to Chicago years ago.


Boeing still has a huge presence in Seattle metro area - HQ or not


Has there been a yr/yr price decrease yet?