California has the worst quality of life

The state performed well in terms of its economy, coming in at No. 4 (hello, high tech boom) but it fared terribly in categories such as citizen opportunity (No. 46) and fiscal stability (No. 43) in addition to the dreaded quality-of-life assessment (that scarring No. 50). Of course, as anyone who has tried to buy a house in the Bay Area knows, fiscal instability is basically our motto at this point.

And the winner of the best state in the nation goes to … wait for it … Iowa. Give it up for the Hawkeye State.

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Packing up people?

Follow the others, those moaning and complaining about a state they don’t live in.

Iowa is a shithole, followed by Indiana…Who writes this crap…Iowa has barely grown since 1920 when the population was 2.5m. It is currently 3.1 m which will be the population of Sacramento MSA is a few years…
Iowa is cheap because there is no demand…aka nobody wants to live there.

They give houses away almost free. The building permit would cost more than the purchase price in Cali

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Good, more people that leave, more room for me to have fun :grinning:

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Number 2 was Minnesota …an absolute paradise especially this time of year???

Median home price in Iowa, $125k…less than most of the third world…hurry up and buy…There are only 20000 homes for sale…
Red Oak is the birthplace of Johnny Carson and hasn’t changed since. Lots of meth arrests…Trump country

Here is mansion worth only $180k…been on forever…offer $130k…Was bought in 2013 for $150k.
Now assessed at 148k…depreciated…

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Red Oak, IA 51566
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Move to Iowa. A mansion for $200k

Or $128k

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California also has a pernicious housing and homeless problem and an increasingly destructive fire season that is merely a preview of climate change’s potential effects.

With their traffic and trash, California’s biggest cities have gone from the places other regions tried to emulate to the places they’re terrified of becoming.


The political climate of California is becoming worse. The state clearly shows signs of a state in late phase of decline.

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California is a boom and bust state. If you don’t feel comfortable with that you should move to Indiana (my home state) and bask in the stability.

People come here for exciting opportunities and CHANCE for great success. It’s not for everyone and that is OK.


Your comment reminds of a big name employer who was firing people left and right and it had a big banner facing the central expressway. " WE ARE HIRING". A few years later they shuttered the office. Another company acquired them for cheap. The state of California requires some serious political cleansing.

On a side note. Almost half of the job postings are not real. Employers post openings for several reasons. One of them is to make themselves look good in the eyes of candidates and investors. Second, some of them post openings so that they can make a legal claim to hire more workers on visas. And third, they may be sponsoring green cards, etc, and are legally required to open the jobs to local candidates first. The genuine openings are far fewer than the posted openings.

So, if you hear an employer saying, I cannot find workers, translate it to mean, I really do not have an opening. If he does not have full staff how is he able to run a business? Just ask this. Real jobs are filled through referrals, invitation, and word of mouth.

Sometimes I feel the bay area job market is just as fake as the boom you are talking about.


Fake it ‘till you make it.


I’ve heard your arguments before. Dot com bust. Housing bust. Trade war. In fact I made them myself twenty years ago.

Are you actually claiming that Apple, Facebook, Google, and Tesla are not really hiring?

Sure, startups put up fake job postings to project success but who cares? Just part of the game.

There will surely be another downturn. And an upturn after that. The success of this area is not some dumb coincidence. It’s the result of of a bunch of unique factors coming together to create an environment that drives growth.

If you think it’s a coincidence, what are you doing here? Like I said, you should be in Boise or Boulder or one of the other wannabe up and coming startup cities that are doomed to fail as soon as the economy contracts.

Good luck with that.


Downturn in CA and the rest of the country won’t be affected? Unlikely.

CA, and SV in particular, is for optimists. We are here to create the future. :muscle:

Nothing that you have said above addresses my first assertions that the political climate of California points to a state (not land with some boundary but the ruling apparatus) in the late phase of its decline. Which state of the USA is NOT booming given its endowments and the resources? Actually, if you account for those California is doing worse given its resources and endowments. I would actually want you to refute my assertion and prove that California is a leading light in political refinement that should naturally come to it given its large population base with a relatively higher level of education.

On the contrary, California has become a laughing stock on the matters of political thinking and it is way behind its time on that matter. Sorry to say that. But that happens. I am pretty sure it will get fixed, but sometimes things fall further down before rising up again.

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Homeless and poops? No thanks.

Hope you’re right. What if it is leading USA?

California is not leading in politics anymore. Actually, California is at variance with the rest of the United States and it is struggling to keep itself relevant in American politics. I remember there was a movement for California to secede from the USA. Had it happened, most of the Hollywood and Silicon Valley would relocate out of CA and go somewhere else. There are not enough people in California to buy goods and services produced in CA. CA needs rest of the USA far more than the rest of the USA needs CA. Or may be they both need each other just as badly. We will see.

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How much is your net worth tied up in CA? How many stocks do you own that are HQ’ed in CA?