California has the worst quality of life

The question is not relevant. But I will let the one whom it was asked answer it.

If you see a dim future in CA, wouldn’t it be irrational to tie up so much of your wealth in a sinking ship?

If CA is not the place creating the future, why are all these tech companies, whose very existence is to shape the future, based in here? Why aren’t Texas and Iowa churning out their own versions of Google and Facebook?

What was the last big tech company coming out of Texas? Was that Dell? If you can call it a tech company?

I have zero clue what are you trying to discuss or say or fear. I said the political climate of CA is becoming worse. Do you disagree?

If you see a bright future, then you should not worry about what I think or say? Should you? Or you doubt your own conclusions?


Fear? What fear?

I have no idea what you mean by CA’s political problem. Is that a new development? If not why does it suddenly matter so much as to outweigh everything else?

Now you are asking the kind of questions you should be asking. Lets take an example, the state of California is trying to be a landlord. That is something I have not taken very kindly. The state is acting desperate.

California is trying to be a landlord how? Public housing has always been a thing. In fact I think we have done far too little public housing.

Why would public housing be a bad thing? Both Hong Kong and Singapore are ranked year after year as the world’s most free economies by right wing think tanks and both have huge public housing programs. In fact, one reason HK has fallen behind SG is its ass backward housing policy of not providing enough public housing.

The state of California looks very very desperate and that is not good. Desperation of state is not a good sign. You can see the state is breaking all the norms of American living. Just today the news came that the city of SJ seems heading towards legalizing illegal constructions. That is not good sign.
Wealth does not matter if government can confiscate it any day or cause deterioration in its value. Sorry! but Hong Kong and Singapore are not the really the model I would support. This is America and it has its own way of living and solving its problem. In due course of time California will be fixed too. No doubt, but what I do not like to think is that it might get uglier or somewhat irreversible before we come to that.

So many so called “American” trends start right here in California.

Politics in this state have been messed up for 40+ years. Why all of the sudden is ineffective government the dominant factor determining the outcome of companies headquartered here?

I don’t know why anyone who doesn’t believe in the opportunity this area procides would put up with the traffic, cost of living, etc. to stick it out here. What’s the point?

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I agree with you 100%. Wasn’t suggesting CA would be hit alone.

I am a believer in California. Whenever there is a downturn, I am buying into the state even further than I already have.

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Would you care listing a few American trends that you believe started right here in California?
I am just trying to get a better sense of what you are so enamored with. It will also help me dispel the notion that CA survives on the rest of the USA.

The reality is California is relatively newer state (31st to be precise) in the Union and was not even considered very significant state until 1950. Today is its accession day.

The state cannot change history howsoever desperate the situation may become.

Opportunistic question? How is it relevant? HQs can be moved. Many companies have done so. BRCM changed HQ with a flip of a finger, AMZN is growing another HQ. In future, multi-HQ might be the norm. In any case, investing in stocks is not investing in where is the HQ, is investing in its business. Most tech companies have a global footprint.

How long to turn a titanic? How long for a dying company to go insolvent eg. GM? It won’t happen overnight. Nokia is still around, blackberry is still around, intel is still around, IBM is still around, Dell is still around, HPQ is still around, Microsoft stuck for a long time till leadership change,… leadership change! Business focus change! Ditto for AMD.

Good point. @manch Do you agree or realize this?

…personal computing pioneered by Apple and others?
…the consumer web pioneered by Netscape and furthered on by Yahoo and Google?
…biotechnology pioneered by Genentech
…cultural trends defined by Hollywood and mass media?
…food and health trends including sushi, yoga, veganism?

Are you seriously claiming that California doesn’t have an outsized influence on trends and culture in the US and the world? Iowa or Indiana have the same influence as California?

Last I checked, California is the world’s fifth biggest economy. By the way, it’s grown over the last decade… yet somehow California is in the late stages of a decline?


Yes, Exactly. California does not have the kind of outsized influence on trends and the culture in the US and the world as you seem to suggest. You are living in your own bubble.

You are mixing a lot of things. The contribution to technology is one thing, which is essentially a continuation of trends that started outside California. Computers, Transistors, etc were not invented in California though I would agree that in post-1970 years, California took the lead and left everyone behind.

As far as politics, which is what I commented earlier. it is clearly in the state of decline. Like I gave in the example earlier. The state of California has started resorting to confiscatory policies that do not bode well for the people of state.

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When will Texas create a trillion dollar company? 10 years? 20? Give me some concrete prediction.

You and the other guy can always hand wave and talk abstract trends while you two’s money is not where your mouth is. I look at where the VC money is going and I don’t see CA’s position changing anytime soon.

There is only one logical conclusion for anyone who thinks CA is in terminal decline: sell your CA assets and move your money away.

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@manch Focus on the discussion. Is about CA, not TX, not NY, not Colorado, …

Are you referring to me? I didn’t say this. I am just saying you’re too sure about the future which means you are sure to be wrong. I never know the future, so I position for all possibilities. In other words, you are so sure about yourself that you’re blind to my message :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I like living in a bubble. The world can be a scary place.

Still playing with bubbles? Thought you’ve grown up.

31 on paper but mental age is probably late teens, emotional age, probably a kid.

I’m a hot mess.

You jump to conclusions very fast. First, isolate the politics of a country or land. For example, China may have been a good manufacturing hub and an economic miracle, but it is a political mess for someone who is used to living a free life. I am sure I can find hundreds of people who live in communist countries and sing its praise. No wrong in that. But, someone who cares about personal and economic freedom. China, Cuba, Venezuela are not dream country.

When you are talking about California, do the same. Separate politics of California from its resources. Resource deterioration always follows political deterioration.

What can I say when you have to compare California with Iowa or Indiana as soon as this topic comes of for discussion.

That says a lot about California and its oversized influence.


Yeah–this is what makes me unhappy. The idea that going to work is funding a mafia organization that wants to take ownership of my kids makes me realllllly unhappy. But otherwise I’m in heaven.