California has the worst quality of life

go to Austin :roll_eyes: super weather yesterday and today :shushing_face: Plano is very far from Austin, is north of Dallas. Did you study geography?

You don’t believe in data. Now you don’t believe in news either? :scream:

People told me California is in terminal decline, our streets are strewn with garbage and crimes everywhere. I would expect more people would be leaving and yet outbound rate keeps falling year after year.

Since 2015 is net outbound. Likely due to high housing prices.
Net inbound between 2009 and 2015. Before that is also net outbound, wondering aloud.

@manch finally got the drift and post trend :slight_smile: rather than just a quantum over a fixed duration.


Inbound to CA is also on decline. How does it compare with inbound to other magnet regions?

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So far 2022 has been the coldest year in my memory. Snow in May. Below freezing this weekend in Tahoe This article is just fear mongering.

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I hope Newsom raises the gas tax to $10. Then maybe his supporters will wake up and see him for what he is… an elitist prick.


Wanna kill lots, lots more people? Declare war on the fossil fuel industry so we can’t cool or heat our homes.
Weather related deaths in the US have dropped 97% in the last century. Thank reliable energy for that.

What are we doing? Come on.

Affordable housing in California now routinely tops $1 million per apartment to build


Affordable housing is an oxymoron… like military intelligence

No builders want to build starter homes. Demand > Supply. More profitable to build upstream houses.
Recently, some builders build rent2buy apartments… I think they over-estimate the demand for these houses.

In some markets, it’s impossible to build a starter home. The price of land, permits, and holding time to obtain permits is going to push it into luxury price. Do people really think a $2M house has an extra $1.7M of materials vs. a $300k house?


Insurance companies will have to raise their rates. Now all Californians are smokers.

Better do my taxes soon.